Think gas opens 100th CNG station in Bhopal

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Think gas opens 100th CNG station in Bhopal

Monday, 25 September 2023 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

THINK Gas has inaugurated its 100th CNG Station in Bhopal along with its first LNG dispensing terminal in Madhya Pradesh. With the vision of a greener and less polluted environment, THINK Gas has developed an ecosystem to supply clean fuel to its customers.  Currently operating 41 CNG stations in Bhopal, Rajgarh and Shivpuri, THINK Gas caters to 20,000 plus vehicles and sells over 60,000 kgs CNG daily in the state. The company also plans to add 12 more CNG stations in the state by March 2024.

THINK Gas has also launched its first LNG dispensing terminal at Bagroda Industrial Area. With this launch, the company will cater to heavy duty vehicles like trucks and buses moving from Delhi to Chennai/ Hyderabad/ Bangaluru/ Chhattisgarh/ Orissa and offer a viable alternative to diesel fuel which will reduce carbon emissions, and lead to cost reduction for fleet operators.

The inauguration of both the THINK Gas CNG branded station at Karond and LNG Dispensing at Bagroda was done by Amitava Sengupta, Chairman, THINK Gas, Hardip Singh Rai, CEO THINK Gas and Sandeep Trehan, President, Marketing & Business Development, THINK Gas, in the presence of the THINK Gas leadership team.

Amitava Sengupta, Chairman, THINK Gas said, “We are confident that 100th station will help in the development of the natural gas ecosystem in Bhopal. With the launch of the first LNG station in Madhya Pradesh, we are expanding our footprints in different segments of natural gas.”

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