Tiger strays into human habitation, driven away to jungle

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Tiger strays into human habitation, driven away to jungle

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 | M F AHMAD | DALTONGANJ

The lone adult tiger in a protected forest in one of the 8 ranges of the tiger reserve Palamu on Monday strayed into the village but before it could have harmed any small animal of the households there like goats, personnel of the tiger reserve Palamu managed to drive it away from the village into the jungles again. 

Chief conservator of forest and field director of the tiger reserve Palamu Kumar Ashutosh has confirmed the straying of the tiger into the human habitation but causing no harm to anyone human or animal. 

Ashutosh said "We are telling residents not to venture out in the protected forest at this time when there is a tiger around. Let the tiger have a peace of living and let villagers remain safe as well. And this will be possible only when the two humans and the tiger do not encroach upon each other's  territory."

The deputy director North  division of the tiger reserve Palamu P Jena is on the tiger job 24x7. 

A fleet of 40 camera traps, equal number of PTR personnel are on the vigil for the tiger. 

Pug marks and scat of the tiger are being collected. One register has been opened to record its location, movement, nature of kill etc on a day to day basis said the field director Ashutosh. 

As this tiger has come down from Chhattisgarh all fingers are crossed if it will retreat. Sources said the arrival of this tiger has for time being shadowed the talk about the leopards which are 100 plus in the tiger reserve Palamu. 

However sources said so long this tiger continues to get its prey and water around it generally does not opt out of the jungles where it makes its abode.

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