Weeds and algae bloom on river Subernarekha, pose threat

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Weeds and algae bloom on river Subernarekha, pose threat

Friday, 17 March 2023 | PNS | Jamshedpur


While the Kharkai river is literally turning into sewage starch, river Subernarekha is on the verge of becoming so.
Subernarekha , the lifeline river of Singhbhum is once again facing the problem of algal bloom. Floating algae on the surface of the river  could be found in different stretches of the river between Domuhani in Sonari and Ghatshila, which is 45 Kms away from Jamshedpur.
Due to stagnant water the green-colour algae is fast spreading in the 10 Km stretch of the river from  Domuhani to Jai Prakash Narayan Setu ( or Mango bridge ) ,  Bhuiyandih ghat and beyond that in downstream Subernarekha up to Ghatshila, close to Bengal border.
 In fact algal blooming started in the first week of March, the summer month. Environmentalists said if measures are not taken to prevent its spread, it might pose a risk to aquatic life.
The algae are resulting in fast depletion of oxygen which is harmful for aquatic plants and animals. " Harmful effects from such blooming due to the toxins they produce which can lead to death of fishes and other aquatic animals. It also leads to bad odour in the water, " explained an environmentalist.
He said it’s high time we need to work out effective alternative measures to prevent all forms of industrial waste from polluting the rivers. The condition of the Subernarekha too is not good, as alarming bells have started ringing about the upkeep of the river.
“We need to acknowledge that the availability of the water is minimal in Subernarekha and still several industrial units are continuing lifting water from there, so I would say it’s a very grim situation where one has to take a final resolution in the interest of the river,” he said .
Suggesting a way forward out of the sad situation the NGO functionary said the regime of the day needs to check the rapid growth of the population and industries in a concentrated area.
A recent survey conducted by the Adityapur-based regional office of Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board (JSPCB) has suggested that the dissolved oxygen level in the river had dropped to around 4.5ppm (parts per million) on the affected stretch.

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