Zafar Islam hits out JMM Govt over corruption

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Zafar Islam hits out JMM Govt over corruption

Wednesday, 27 September 2023 | PNS | Ranchi

BJP national spokesperson Zafar Islam on Tuesday termed the JMM/ Congress alliance government as in-charge of the sleeper cell of corruption accusing  the government of committing a scam of Rs 77,000 crore in the last four years. Islam said that the real bosses of the scam are sitting in Delhi and Patna. With the help of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Mallikarjun Kharge etc., the property of this state is being looted and the property is also being distributed.

The national spokesperson said that the arrogant coalition looted the country's wealth from 2004 to 2014. After 2014, when the UPA government was removed from Centre they started finding the sleeper cells of corruption. He got sleeper cells in those states where they had a coalition government. In Jharkhand, they started looting in collaboration with the JMM/Congress government. Corruption is happening all over Jharkhand. In Jharkhand, officials and middlemen are together doing corruption. Be it the mines scam, MNREGA scam, transfer posting scam, ruler development scam, all have connections somewhere with corruption sleeper cell in-charge Many officials and middlemen including their Finance Minister, Rural Development Minister are involved in this corruption.

The national spokesperson said that scams like MGNREGA, coal allocation, illegal mining, land scam etc. have tarnished Jharkhand. Hemant Soren has committed a land scam by changing the name of himself, his father etc. All its documents are available with the party. A land scam of 100 acres has been done next to the firing range. Apart from this there are many properties. He has given details of 108 properties to CBI. They themselves have forgotten many properties. These are citizens of many districts of the state. Wherever they go, they are registered in the same district.

In Jharkhand, the saying *Land is sold, orders are sold, if you put a price then faith is sold* is completely accurate. The national spokesperson said that after 2014, a slogan was raised very strongly in the country that *If there is Modi, it is possible*. No matter how adverse the circumstances may be, if the intentions are good and strong then nothing is impossible. Narendra Modi has proved this time and again during his 9-year tenure. Women's reservation is no longer a dream but has become a reality. The matter which was pending for 27 years, all the opposition parties tried to mislead and deceive the women. The Modi government created history by fulfilling this guarantee. For this, women across the country are grateful to Narendra Modi. Just as women have an invaluable contribution in running the household, similarly their participation is necessary in the country too. Congress misled women for 70 years, did not care about women. The PM kept what he promised.

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