Get over illusionary tendencies of mind and evolve

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Get over illusionary tendencies of mind and evolve

Sunday, 30 April 2023 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Get over illusionary tendencies of mind and evolve

Given its transitory nature, Indian philosophy views the living world a Maya (illusion). Be that as it may. But all live existences in the world can be physically perceived and are continuously engaged in creative activities. It will, therefore, be unfair to call it unreal, it may not though be an eternal reality. It is, however, again a fact that human mind is by and large illusioned – in terms of perceptions and beliefs. For, invariably all are born ignorant, having a preconditioned mind, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past. That limits one’s vision and are invariably not open to look beyond for a reality check. They, thus, fail to look at issues in hand in the right perspective due. Consequently, they make inappropriate choices, often inviting failures, pain, and suffering.

A couple of years back a girl used to come looking for her marital prospects. She was looking for someone true to her fanciful dream perception, mostly distanced from ground reality. Carrying a perfectionist streak, she had made a long list of check points. Even if the prospective guy failed on one count, she would reject him. Consequently, she never got married. I tried my best to make her understand that the world cannot move to one’s asking as nobody could be ever born a perfect. The world is purposely designed as such. All carry their individualistic positives and negatives, the positives by and larger on a higher side. Also, we are an inseparable part of a large existence, where none has a reality independent of the whole. That calls for working out ways and means to relate to others overriding all individual differences. To make things further clear, I tried to explain that the whole creation chain began with a disorder (imperfection) at the primordial source, hitherto in an equilibrated state. But immediately thereafter, random mutation of energies emanating from primal source excited a process of harmonisation, which eventually led to the manifest world. As the cause permeates the effect, the imprint of both disorder and harmony are there in human construct. The whole challenge before us is to be in harmony with each other the way nature driven energies join hands to carry on the creative chain, overriding few individual limitations. In marital relationship, both the partners carry their respective voids, but each complementing the other’s. Not simply to together carry on the journey of life, but also evolve. No wonder Gautam Buddha used to say: “Life is a reflection of harmony of the opposites. In fact, even creation is a result of convergence of two opposite characters. So, reconciling dualities of life is called for.” This is the premise on which all relationships can get going.

An NRI guy came asking: “Despite sincere efforts we have not been able to find a suitable match.  Why so much delay?” In nature’s plan, you are being provided with enough of time and space to work upon your illusionary tendencies of mind and become matured enough to handle the subtleties of marital life with relative ease and comfort. Otherwise, it will be difficult to hold on to the marriage. “How come?” He countered.

Cluster of four planets - the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury – are by themselves enough to make out a complexed mind. You have a vacillating mind. You suffer from ‘I am the only right person syndrome’. You expect from all others to prove true to your expectation, failing which you become hypercritical. Sun and Moon both being placed adverse to Saturn, bring in a sense of fear and insecurity towards uncertain future, pessimism, and self-pitying. The Sun, ill-disposed of to mischievous Neptune make you stuck to delusional perceptions and beliefs, distanced from ground realities. Even more, because of inflated ego, coming as it may with both Mars and Sun placed adverse to expansive Jupiter. That further limits your vision, which doesn’t allow you to look beyond for a reality check. Also, you are head strong.

Recently, he liked a girl and negotiation seems to be in its final stage. His delusional mind has again come into play with regards to the girl’s career prospect. He came asking: “Sir, it will take more than a year for her to qualify getting a job suited to her discipline, and I will have to bear with her burden.” My dear, you have yet not understood the meaning of marriage. Come out of your transactional attitude. With this mindset, it will be difficult for you to enjoy a stable and harmonious married life.

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