WICCA, all about self-discovery and divine-connect

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WICCA, all about self-discovery and divine-connect

Sunday, 19 November 2023 | AMIT GOEl

WICCA, all about self-discovery and divine-connect

Wicca : A Magical Journey With Spells and Rituals

Author: Rashmi Oberoi

Publisher: Om books international

Price: Rs 284

The world of humans is rich and expansive. Brimming with wisdom and knowledge about the known and the unknown, this realm has a lot to offer. Wicca is one of them. It is one of the most intriguing and relatively unchartered territories that have largely remained lesser known and understood by us.

In her book on Wicca, Rashme Oberoi endeavours to open doors to the Wiccan way of life that is exotic, intuitive and hugely transformative. In her latest book on Wicca, she accompanies the reader through the maze of modern day witchcraft, magic and wizardry with ease and confidence. Not only does her book inform the reader about the craft through the fine detailing that comes associated with it, it also makes the reader understand Wicca with his/ her own perspective and understanding.

Rashme is a practising Wiccan and her book is a testament to her expansive knowledge and mastery of the craft. Her book is a guide to the world of Wicca and spell craft for those who wish to empower themselves with the ability to heal and make our world a better place. The book is a repository of knowledge on Wicca where almost every aspect of the craft is adequately touched upon. It opens with a chapter on the history of Wicca and moves forward to explaining the Wiccan symbols and tools in great detail. The chapter on Wiccan symbols in particular is quite informative where each symbol associated with the craft is well explained. The one on relationships is worth a mention here where the various spells are explained in detail.

If you are looking for a good weekend read on the subject of Wicca and spell craft, this book is a one-in- all. Read it to discover the Wicca in you. As they say, magic will come to those who believe in it.

(The reviewer was associated with the Financial Express and is Suspended Director, The Pioneer. The views are personal)

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