Schirin Thoma takes the title of Miss Cannes Fashion Days 2022

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Schirin Thoma takes the title of Miss Cannes Fashion Days 2022

Friday, 13 January 2023 | Agencies

Schirin Thoma takes the title of Miss Cannes Fashion Days 2022

Schirin Thoma, a young girl from Switzerland, has been named Miss Young Beauty Star 2022 by Glamorfaces World 2022.  Schirin received the title of Miss Cannes Fashion Days 2022. Schirin received a TCCandler of America nomination for the most beautiful face in 2022. When she passes the ballet exam grade 5 next week, she will receive the certificate and award the Ballet Exam Silver Medal "The Royal Academy of Dance" Switzerland 2022.  16-year-old Schirin Thoma scales new heights.  In 2020, she took part in a Guinness Book of Records event as a model in Madrid and broke a double record.  Schirin started modelling in 2018 at the age of just 12.  She initially pursued modelling as a pastime.  Through her enthusiasm, dedication and love for dance, modelling and catwalk, she blossomed into a blossom of success.

Schirin has been on catwalk tours since she was young, taking her to Russia, the USA, France, the United Arab Emirates, England, Italy, Tenerife, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.  In England, Schirin won the Top 10 Models FABUK Teen Magazine title in 2021.  Schirin has appeared in numerous Swiss and international feature films, commercials and TV films as well as commercials in Switzerland and Germany.  In this short time, Schirin has already met and gotten to know numerous celebrities from a wide variety of fields in public.  Schirin was involved in many photo shoots.  She photographed well-known brands such as Monnalisa, Michka Aoki, Stefania and Michael Lombard, among others.

“I like being in front of the camera for photo shoots and as a model on the catwalk.  I'm still working on my acting training at, but the most important thing for me at the moment is to finish my training and get a job.  I love what I do and have walked for great designers like Michael Lombard.  Fate, resentment and enmity have made me stronger and more confident.  Schirin continued.

Schirin has appeared in numerous feature films, television programs, and advertising campaigns, including Platzspitzbaby, When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit, Peace, Sami, Joe & Me, Always Ready, A Little Bit of Homeland, UBS KIDS CUP 2019, I Want to Understand, and many others.  She has also appeared on the covers and inside pages of a number of fashion magazines, including Lofficial, Marie Claire, Vogue, Opium Red, VZSN, MARQUIS, World Art Fashion, LUX ERU, Ninsmoda and FASHZILLA, among others.

She was named Model of the Year 2021 in England, Miss Cannes Fashion Days Next Top Model 2021, Miss Cannes Fashion Days Congeniality 2021, Teen Miss Europe 2021, Grand Prix Photomodel Hungary 2021 and Miss Fashion Model Hungary 2021 the Year 2021, Miss Catwalk Model in Hungary in 2021 and Top 50 most beautiful interior and exterior in the world in 2021 for VOGUE magazine.  Successful Model of the Year Dubai 2020, VIP Model Albania 2019 and Best Photo Category C awards in the Princess of the Universe England 2020, Schirin was also recognized for her Outstanding Financial Contribution to the Princess of the Universe Charities 2020.  Supermodels Unlimited America 2020, one of the most beautiful girls according to Vogue Global Network Russia 2020, World's 100 Best Young Talents by FABUK magazine England 2020, World's 50 Best Young Talents by FABUK magazine England 2020 Because two members of my family died from cancer, I regularly attend cancer-related charity events. My biggest wish and priority is to help cancer patients in any way.  I recently cut off my very long hair and donated it to make a human hair wig for cancer patients.  saysSchirin.

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