Mission 370

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Mission 370

Wednesday, 07 February 2024 | Pioneer

Mission 370

Prime Minister Modi gives an assertive reply to the ‘Motion of Thanks' in Parliament

In a spirited address to Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the 'Motion of Thanks' on the President's address, outlining his Government's achievements and outlining the vision for future. In the process, his bold proclamation that the BJP is poised to secure “at least 370 seats” in the Lok Sabha elections caught the nation's attention. It must have sounded like music to the ears of his followers and party members. Modi reiterated his commitment to transforming India into a global powerhouse. The speech resonated with a sense of determination and optimism, emphasising the need for continued efforts to realise the nation's full potential. The Prime Minister's assertion regarding “at least 370 seats” reflects the party's confidence in its governance and people's endorsement of its policies. The number is not arbitrary; it holds historical significance, referring to the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. This strategic reference underscores the BJP's commitment to its core principles and the successful execution of its policy agenda. It is true that the BJP under Modi has been an invincible election machine winning election after election and decimating the Opposition. The BJP has also fulfilled two of its main promises — Abrogation of Article 370 and construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, while implementation of the Uniform Civil Code and “one nation, one election” is on the cards. So it can go to voters and reasonably claim that it has delivered on its promises. Thus Modi’s optimism is not ill-founded: The seat count may be real rather than just rhetoric.

Understandably, Modi's announcement has sparked intense debates across the political spectrum. The Opposition leaders have questioned the feasibility of such a sweeping victory, emphasising the need for a more nuanced approach to governance. The Congress and other political rivals have challenged the BJP on various fronts, ranging from economic policies to social issues. In response, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his belief in the people's mandate and trust in the BJP's leadership. He expressed confidence in the party’s ability to connect with voters and address their concerns effectively. Behind Modi's bold proclamation lies a meticulous electoral strategy. The BJP has been consistently working to strengthen its grassroots connections, leveraging technology and engaging with the youth. The party's success in recent Assembly elections has bolstered its confidence, and the ambitious target of 370 seats reflects a belief that its agenda resonates with a majority of the electorate. This is indeed time for him to focus on other pressing issues: Inclusive economic growth and employment generation must now top his agenda. Besides, social cohesion and restoring law and order in troubled States like Manipur must be priority. The people of India have given him all the support and mandate for the nation's betterment. It is a big responsibility which he must shoulder.

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