Modi 3.0

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Modi 3.0

Friday, 09 February 2024 | Pioneer

Modi 3.0

The Prime Minister brims with confidence while outlining the vision for his Govt’s third term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched a scathing attack in Parliament on the Congress while articulating the vision of his Government's likely third term in power. Modi's speech not only underscored the ideological differences between his party and the Opposition but also laid out the roadmap for India's future under what has been termed “Modi 3.0”. Modi's address in the Rajya Sabha was marked by a vehement critique of the Congress' governance and policies. He highlighted instances of what he deemed as failures and inadequacies during the Congress-led regimes, contrasting them with the achievements of his own Government. Modi emphasised the need for a decisive and proactive administration, taking a swipe at the perceived inertia and indecision of previous Governments. Central to Modi's address was his vision, encapsulating the goals of his Government's third term. It encompassed economic development, social welfare, national security and governance reforms. Modi reiterated his commitment to bolstering India's economy, enhancing infrastructure, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and ensuring inclusive growth that leaves no citizen behind. Since assuming office for the second consecutive term, the Modi-led Government has undertaken several initiatives aimed at realising this vision. These include landmark reforms such as the introduction of GST and initiatives like Make in India and Digital India, which seek to transform India into a global economic powerhouse.

The Government has prioritised infrastructure development through schemes like the Bharatmala Project and Sagarmala, aimed at enhancing connectivity and facilitating trade and commerce. Modi's emphasis on social welfare is evident in programmes like Ayushman Bharat, which aims to provide affordable healthcare to millions, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which focuses on achieving a hygienic environment. Despite the Government's concerted efforts, challenges persist. The pandemic presented an unprecedented crisis, testing the resilience of India's healthcare infrastructure and economy. While the Government implemented various measures to mitigate the impact, there remains a need for sustained efforts to revive the economy and address the health crisis effectively. Moreover, issues such as unemployment, agrarian distress and social inequality continue to pose significant challenges. Strengthening institutions, fostering innovation and promoting sustainable development are imperative to ensure a prosperous and equitable future for all citizens. The Prime Minister's address served not only as a platform to call out the Opposition but also line up his next Government's agenda. While Modi 2.0 has seen commendable progress in various sectors, challenges loom large, requiring concerted efforts and innovative solutions. As India marches onwards the path of development, the effectiveness of governance and the inclusivity of policies will be pivotal in shaping the nation's destiny under Modi's leadership.

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