rehabilitation of alcoholics

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rehabilitation of alcoholics

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 | Ravi valluri

rehabilitation of alcoholics

Alcoholism is a complex interplay of desires, physiology and mental patterns

This article arose as a result of a debate on the ban of alcohol consumption in some states of the country, which I heard on a podcast recently. Without getting into the merits of the issue, a simple question arose in my mind - can we expatriate thoughts?

An alcoholic’s mind is extraordinarily sharp yet deviant despite suffering from this medical malady. An alcoholic will employ all possible means at his disposal to acquire the   prized possession - the bottle. Like fish is to water, an alcoholic is to liquor.

The problem can be addressed by getting an alcoholic admitted into a rehabilitation programme, joining the Alcoholics Anonymous, a self-help group; undertaking the Happiness Programme of the Art of Living (where the unique breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya is imparted) or undergoing the Vipassana breathing technique. These techniques can be of help only when the alcoholic acknowledges the problem.

Through grave indulgence of Bacchus and reckless drinking, alcoholics wreak immense damage to all organs of the human body. This is no rocket science and is known to the afflicted. To begin with, the stomach, the pancreas, the liver, the esophagus, the small and large intestine get adversely   damaged. Once the gut is affected, it has a debilitating impact on the circulatory and nervous systems. Alcoholics develop heart ailments, problems pertaining to blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis, among others. One organ after the other start failing and collapsing and eventually an alcoholic becomes a vegetable. The alcoholic finally lands up in the ICU or is in the grave. The cause of alcoholism is the negative and destructive pattern of thinking.

This is an advisory for all alcoholics and recovering alcoholics (those who have turned sober through the gift of the Divine) regarding their eating and drinking patterns.  Those who get admitted to a rehab or an Ayurvedic clinic fortuitously will be served a regulated diet for proper resuscitation.

There are large, unfortunate numbers who are caught in the vortex of drinking or continue to suffer from relapses. They should begin the day with several glasses of warm lime water   laced with honey and not with a cup of coffee/tea. It goes without saying, say a firm ‘NO’ to drink. Lime water with honey assists in detoxifying the system.  Eating fresh fruits for breakfast and not leftovers of the night help in digestion. It is guaranteed that most alcoholics suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome and associated disorders. The fruit should be partaken as an entire meal and should not merely be a supplement. Tamasic and Rajasic intake of food invariably trigger the desire to consume alcohol. However, consumption of Sattvic food will certainly enable to rectify the imbalances present in the body and diminish the craving for alcohol.

There is a tremendous weakening of the immune system of the body of an alcoholic as precious minerals and vitamins get drained out. The resistance levels need to be enhanced through the proper intake of nutritious food. The propensity of an alcoholic falling prey to opportunistic ailments is extortionate. This medical problem can be addressed only by a qualified medical practitioner.

Also, what about the mental problem? Louise L. Hay, in You Can Heal Your Life has identified the probable cause of alcoholism as negative thought processes such as - ‘What’s the use?’. Feelings of futility, guilt, and self-rejection. According to her, the renewed thought pattern should be - ‘I live in the now’. ‘Each moment is new’. ‘I choose to see my self-worth’. ‘I love and approve of myself’.

(The writer is the CEO of Chhattisgarh East Railway Ltd. and Chhattisgarh East West Railway Ltd. He is a faculty of the Art of Living; views are personal)

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