The Role of Discipline in Education

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The Role of Discipline in Education

Monday, 19 February 2024 | Sakshi Sethi

The Role of Discipline in Education

Discipline shapes individuals, fostering success and resilience

The term discipline can be put in different contexts. For some, it can be a way of life and for others, it can be a set of rules by which their life functions. It is one of the ways of aligning the efforts and activities of every individual. Discipline gives every individual a set of rules and regulations to work with. Discipline has always played an integral part in a student's life since they are at the stage of their life where they can be the most flexible version of themselves. Although there is no age bar to following a disciplined life, it is quite possible that a student can get in the best shape physically and mentally when disciplined. Talking about educational institutions, every school or college has a heterogeneous mix of students and teachers need a mix of varied approaches to understand and engage all these types of students within the classrooms. This makes school discipline a robust process.

Discipline values need to be gravitated well to ensure that the teaching-learning process is seamless across the classrooms. Several studies have found that the majority of the factors influencing the learning process come from the school environment such as inadequate material from school, poor seating arrangements in the classroom, student and teacher relaxation canters, poor ventilation and many more. Nowadays, parents strive to raise competent, happy and successful children but it is not an easy task. Children of today need a loving home, but at the same time, they also need to learn boundaries and limits. One must teach their child that actions have consequences be they good or bad.

It should be the duty of parents to always strive to give their children the emotional tools they will need to make good decisions. In today's scenario, by creating a positive learning environment and implementing fair and consistent disciplinary measures, can educational institutions nurture responsible, motivated and successful individuals so that the young learners can or are ready to face the challenges of the future. Everyone has his/her prospect of discipline. Without discipline, the life of a person will become dull and inactive whereas being disciplined will teach them how to behave properly and become responsible adults thereby proving to be a true sign of parental love and care.

Remember, giving a badly behaved child a moderate spanking is not the same as hitting people. Whosoever can't see the difference doesn't understand either discipline or the parent. Having control over life gives the learner a sense of relief and satisfaction that triggers immense self-confidence and affects their learning. Being in control can give them enough time to focus on their learning. A disciplined student will never be reluctant to learn new things and is always ready to accept new routines. This opens all the gates for learning and therefore affects the learning patterns of the students. There is no guarantee that a student in discipline is going to achieve all the good things in life. However, one thing that is guaranteed is that if they stumble, they will find ways to get back up. Instead of being angry or disappointed, they will be ready to work harder and achieve their goals. Disciplined student always learns from their missteps and forget if they even happened. This gives them a better chance at trying again instead of feeling guilty about everything.

(The writer is an educator, views are personal)

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