TIME TO Root out corruption

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TIME TO Root out corruption

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 | Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

TIME TO Root out corruption

Create an environment that ensures fairness, justice and integrity in governance

In recent months there has been one topic that has consistently grabbed headlines in Indian media and that is ‘Corruption’. Huge scams, central agencies probes, public protests and anti-corruption agitations have kept the topic alive in all sections of media, Government quarters and in public and private discussions. There has been enormous pressure on the Government by civil rights activists to make a strong anti-corruption Law and implement it aggressively across the country. However, in this whole struggle, we tend to forget the fact that the issue of corruption cannot be dealt with by activism and political awareness alone. Because laws and regulations cannot deter humans from indulging in follies of character and moral values. It is like pruning or cutting the stems and branches that will sprout again and proliferate in more directions. Such laws can surely deter people in high public offices from indulging in blatant acts of bribery, fraud and corruption but it cannot root out the evil itself.

So what is it that makes man corrupt? Is it power, status, wealth or lack of these that makes him so? The genesis of corruption is not to be found in any external circumstance, it actually lies in the psyche or the character of the human soul. It begins with a desire that tempts one to have more, acquire more and grab more money, assets, power and fame in order to gain happiness.

Once it starts, it creates a chain of vicious circles that keeps feeding itself with more desire and indulgence. This blind chase is then supported by the temporary feeling of being high and powerful which is followed by emptiness, insecurity and despair that further drives a person to commit such acts of corruption. All this begins from the fundamental ignorance about the true identity of self. Because we believe our self-worth depends on money, role, status, fame or authority we strive to create more identities based on that. With time these fabricated means of self-worth crumble and fall apart and in that fear, we put in all effort to strengthen and protect these false support systems because we feel we are nobody if all these identities are taken away.

From a spiritual perspective, it is said that vices like greed, ego, lust, anger and attachment are all born out of body consciousness i.e. the false identification of the self with one’s physical image, role and assets. It is this ignorance and vices that begin to corrupt the soul and everything that comes from a corrupt soul will be tainted i.e. its thoughts, feelings, actions and habits. In that sense, one can say that today almost all human souls have become corrupt to some degree. Hence we must understand that corruption is a soul-deep malady and it can be remedied only by spiritual awareness and empowerment. We must awaken to our true selves and live by our original values of peace, purity, love and joy.

When we look inward and become aware of our true identity and innate qualities, we begin to express and experience them in our lives naturally. A person who empowers himself this way experiences contentment in life. Such a person will never fall into the trap of sensory attractions and desires as it’s only when we are disconnected from our innate self we feel empty inside and get attracted to external things to feel happy or worthy. In the soul consciousness stage, we are naturally aware of our virtues and we also understand the law of cause and effect — the law of karma. Remember! A soul that is aware of its spiritual identity will never indulge in corrupt actions as it knows that they will lead to suffering and degradation. This realisation and experience will free us from corruption.

(The writer is a spiritual educator and popular columnist; views are personal)

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