E-gates at Mumbai International Airport increased from 24 to 68

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E-gates at Mumbai International Airport increased from 24 to 68

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 | T N RAGHUNATHA | Mumbai

Unveiling a significant expansion in its cutting-edge digital gateway program, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai on Tuesday announced an increase in terminal entry points (eGates) from 24 to an impressive 68, which is the highest number of e-gates in the country.

Being carried out to enhance the travel experience for both DigiYatra and non-DigiYatra passengers, the expansion of the digital gate program will involve enhancement of the airport’s processing capacity to an astounding 7,440 passengers per hour at Terminal 2 (T2) and 2,160 at T1 which is 3X addition to the current capacity.

With the introduction of the digital gateway the wait time has been reduced to less than one minute at the kerbside.

“We are excited to announce the significant expansion of our DigiYatra facility on our digital gateway platform at CSMIA. This initiative reflects our dedication to pioneering technological advancements that enhances passenger experience. By increasing the number of eGates and integrating advanced biometric systems, we are committed to ensuring swift, secure, and seamless travel for all our passengers,” a CSMIA spokesperson said.

The CSMIA’s Digital Gateway combines the benefits of technology, process excellence, big data analytics and design thinking to deliver exemplary passenger experience. Here, the number of terminal entry points has surged from 24 to 68, achieved solely through advanced technology without any need for any major civil works.

The Digital Gateway at T2 now provides for 28 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates alongside 28 dedicated non-DigiYatra e-gates. Additionally, Terminal 1 (T1) features 6 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates and 6 non-DigiYatra e-gates, further enhancing the airport's overall capacity and passenger experience.

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