AAP admits to assault, Kejriwal promises to act

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AAP admits to assault, Kejriwal promises to act

Wednesday, 15 May 2024 | Saumya Shukla | New Delhi

AAP admits to assault, Kejriwal promises to act

The political landscape of Delhi is becoming murkier as senior AAP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh admitted on Tuesday to accusations of assault by his party colleague and Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's controversial PA, Bibhav Kumar, at the CM's official residence."

However, a BJP leader pointed out that Singh missed the part in the PCR call where Maliwal mentioned that she was assaulted by Kumar at the behest of the AAP chief.

In the first reaction from the AAP regarding the incident, which has added further troubles for the party as it seeks to regain its footing since its chief's release from Tihar jail, Singh confirmed that the incident occurred in the drawing room of Kejriwal's official residence. Kejriwal is currently out of Delhi.

According to sources in the AAP, senior leaders in the party are united to oust Kumar, who is widely referred to as 'Kejriwal's Man Friday', by pinning the blame on him.

While addressing a Press conference, Singh said, "At the residence of Kejriwal an incident of misbehaviour took place with Swati Maliwal by his PA Bibhav Kumar yesterday."


He said the incident took place while Maliwal was waiting for Kejriwal in his drawing room and condemned the behaviour displayed by Kumar. "Swati Maliwal has informed about this incident to the Delhi Police through a PCR call. This is a condemnable incident. Kejriwal has taken cognisance of the incident and has directed for strict action."


In the PCR call received by the police at 9.34 am by the former chairperson of Delhi Commissioner of Women (DCW), Maliwal stated that she was beaten up badly by Kumar at the behest of the AAP chief. Thereafter, the Delhi BJP launched a scathing attack on Singh for trying to entrap a small fish and not stating who instigated the assault on Maliwal.


Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva questioned the incident at Kejriwal's residence and said, "The silence on yesterday's incident reflects the mentality of the AAP. Singh's statement that we will think over the incident is quite embarrassing because an incident of violence against a woman, misconduct towards her has happened and yet the leaders of the AAP are still discussing this incident."


Further, he called Kumar a 'small fish' and said, "They are just talking about entrapping small fish, but in the end, who instigated this incident, what were the reasons, all these questions should be answered by Kejriwal."


Instead of contemplating after violence against a woman, arrests should have been made immediately, he said.

The BJP leader claimed that "the BJP knows through sources that this entire incident occurred at the behest of and in front of Kejriwal" and questioned why so much pressure was put on Maliwal.


"When Singh says she is an excellent speaker, the BJP is also saying from the beginning that she keeps raising issues. Therefore, Singh's statement should be the basis for immediate filing of an FIR by police and those guilty should be promptly dealt with," Sachdeva said.


Further, he claimed that the Chief Minister's residence is famous for such incidents, whether it was the incident with the former Chief Secretary or yesterday with Maliwal. "It is the true character of the AAP, which is now in front of everyone," he said.


Maliwal has not yet said anything officially and gave no response to messages and calls made to her for her comment.


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