BJP, Cong swear by Constitution, but gloves are off

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BJP, Cong swear by Constitution, but gloves are off

Friday, 31 May 2024 | Pioneer News Service | Hoshiarpur (Punjab)

BJP, Cong swear by Constitution, but gloves are off

Addressing his final rally of the back-to-back hectic 2024 Lok Sabha polls campaign, which spanned about two months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the Congress for 'ranting' about the Constitution. He accused them of 'strangling' it during the Emergency and not caring about it when Sikhs were killed in the 1984 riots.

"Sikhs were killed after putting burning tyres around them. At that time, they did not care about the Constitution," Modi said in his last poll rally in the seven-phase election. At the rally in favour of his party's candidates in Punjab which goes to polls on Saturday, the Prime Minister also touched upon the issues of reservation, corruption and the Ram Temple.

Modi is set to face the electorate in his two-time constituency of Varanasi in the last phase. Meanwhile, he embarked on a nearly two-day meditation exercise at the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, against the backdrop of huge protests by the Congress, TMC, and DMK. These parties have expressed reservations and moved the Election Commission against the PM's spiritual sojourn."

Hitting back at the Congress for its charge that the BJP would scrap the Constitution if voted to power, Modi said, "Nowadays people of the country are hearing rants from the INDI alliance about the Constitution. These are the same people who strangled the Constitution during Emergency". He also charged that the intentions of the Congress and INDIA Bloc over the issue of reservation are "dangerous".

"In the last 10 years, I have always protected reservation for SC/ST/OBCs. Congress and INDI alliance are enraged over my efforts. Their intentions on reservation are dangerous. Their complete track record has been to snatch reservations of SC, ST and OBC," he said, adding he has always protected the reservation for SC/ST and OBCs.

Accusing the Opposition of insulting the spirit of the Constitution and sentiments of BR Ambedkar, he said they want reservation on the basis of religion in Government jobs, in sports, in Government tenders and admission in universities. The Prime Minister charged that the Opposition wanted to give reservation rights to Muslims after snatching it from Dalits and downtrodden.

Further attacking the Congress over the issue of corruption, Modi called it 'bhasrishtachar ki janni' (Mother of corruption) and said the party has done a "double PhD in corruption". Training his guns at the AAP, Modi said now 'kattar bharashtatchri' (thoroughly dishonest) has joined hands with the Congress.

Calling AAP also as 'bhayankar jhoothwadi party', Modi said the AAP formed the first Government in Delhi with the support of the Congress. Alleging that the AAP has learnt lessons of indulging in corruption from the Congress, he said 'kattar bhrishtachari' (AAP) has taken birth from the "womb of the grand old party". Since its inception, the AAP has been a corrupt party, he alleged.

While the AAP claimed it would wipe out the drug menace from the State, they made drugs as a source of their income after forming Government, Modi charged.

Modi said the politics of selfishness of the Congress and INDIA Bloc has caused loss to the country. "After we form Government, in the third term, what the Government will do in the next 125 days, how it will do, for whom it will do and for how long, work on this roadmap has been done, " he said.

Modi also sharpened his attack against the INDIA Bloc, accusing it of making the Army a "weapon of politics" and said there cannot be a "bigger sin than this". His attack came in the backdrop of the Congress and INDIA Bloc members targeting the Modi Government over the Agnipath scheme. Notably, the Congress has said it will scrap the Agnipath scheme if the INDIA Bloc comes to power.

Modi said it was his target to make the Indian defence forces as the most modern and capable force, self-reliant in the real sense. The PM said armies are not made only for the Republic Day parade. The Army is made for a fight, to defeat an enemy and to save our motherland, he said.

"I am telling the INDI alliance that I am silent. Do not make any mistake in understanding Modi. The day Modi opens his mouth, I will bring out all your sins  -- 'saat peedhi ke paap' (sins of seven generations)," he said.

Training guns on the Congress, Modi referred to the Jeep scam, Bofors, submarine and Army truck scam and said they never cared about the requirements of the Army.

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