Ram temple, Modi aura will see me through: Bidhuri

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Ram temple, Modi aura will see me through: Bidhuri

Thursday, 16 May 2024 | Saumya Shukla | New Delhi

Ram temple, Modi  aura will see me  through: Bidhuri

Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, a veteran in the politics of the national Capital, is vying for the South Delhi Lok Sabha 2024 seat as a BJP candidate. He claimed that the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya will have a significant impact on the voters of his constituency, who will vote for him to give Prime Minister Narendra Modi a third term in a row.

The sitting MLA from Badarpur and Leader of the Opposition said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is not an alternative to Modi.

Having an experience in the political domain for 53 long years, Bidhuri told The Pioneer in the midst of his campaign that people have made up their minds.

“They are going to vote for Modi above caste, religion and community. In front of people, there is no alternative to Modi. Rahul tries to be his alternative but people are not taking him seriously. I believe that last time, the BJP candidates had 57 per cent to 60 per cent votes. This time, BJP is going to get more than 70 per cent votes. BJP is winning all seven seats in Delhi because people have a lot of faith in Modi,” he said.

Born and brought up in a family of farmers in South Delhi’s Tughlakabad village, he said he will get votes in the elections to make Modi secure a third term again, who he claims will get the same respect from the countrymen as Lord Ram and Krishna got.

“He works hard and is down to earth and I even once told him directly that he is not an ordinary man. He is an ‘ansh’ of the Supreme,” he said, adding that the country has made historic progress during the 10 year tenure of BJP and Modi.

“Today, the borders of the country are safe. The country is completely safe in his hands. He is the most popular leader in the world. So people of India feel proud. People in India and abroad come and tell us how they have been treated since he became the PM. Now, the way Europeans are treated abroad, the same way Indians get respect,” said Bidhuri, who has experience in several political parties, including Congress, AAP, and BSP.

Attacking Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP, Bidhuri said Delhiites are tired of seeing AAP leaders crying foul for everything they can’t do and asked why no one in the previous Governments had any problem even when the ruling party in Delhi wasn’t the same as the Central Government.

Responding to a question that the AAP Government accused the Centre and Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena of not letting them work, the leader said, “There was no tussle when Chief Minister Madan Lal Khurana-led the BJP Government was here and there was Congress Government in the Centre. We have seen Sheila Dikshit’s Government being run in Delhi without any problem with the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led BJP Government in the Centre. They never had a confrontation with LG. These people deliberately create drama when they can’t get any work done.”

He said there are transferable subjects that come under the elected Government of Delhi and hence crying foul all the time about it makes the people think of voting for BJP. “AAP makes a lot of commitments which are not possible for them to fulfill. And when these commitments are not fulfilled, AAP leaders say the BJP Government is not allowing us to work. The LG is not allowing us to work. I am an MLA from Badarpur. If I say I am not able to work, that Kejriwal is not allowing me to work, then people will regret electing me. People understand this and if this is the case with AAP, why will people not elect BJP to bring a double engine Government in Delhi?” he said.

Talking about the development projects, he highlighted the biggest eco-park in the world being built on 885 acres in his constituency, which had NTPC’s ashes there. He said it will have a jogging track, a cycle track, a yoga center, a safari, a zoo and a boating lake.

He talked about expanding the metro network and working on developing a master plan to solve the issue of traffic, which is a pertinent issue in the area.

“I will expand the Metro network, develop master-plan roads and regularise 69 unauthorised colonies. Traffic is a big problem in our region and we will develop a peripheral road connecting Sangam Vihar to Deoli. The Mehrauli-Badarpur road needs to be turned into an elevated road, up to the Gurugram border. Mandi Road will be widened to 100 feet from 25 feet to provide another passageway connecting Haryana,” he stated.

He said, “We are constructing a six-lane road to decongest traffic on Mathura Road. So, in the next six months, 70 to 80 per cent of that work will be completed. From DND Kalindi it will connect the Baroda-Mumbai highway. This will solve the issue of traffic allotment.”

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