12 different medicines for 12 different ailments for polling parties

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12 different medicines for 12 different ailments for polling parties

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

There will be 12 different medicines for different kinds of ailments for the use of the polling parties and accompanying security forces on the poll day May 13 in Palamu. 


The medicines include the most popularly used tablet Paracetamol in the event of fever as voting day is May 13 when Palamu has a record of burning with heat in the past. 


Similarly to beat dehydration there are ORS packets for the polling personnel and security forces. 


Where there is hyperacidity there is vomiting. There will be separate medication for hyperacidity and vomiting. 


However the medicine kit will have no syringe, needle and injection. Most of the medicines are to be taken orally as injectable ones have been avoided. 


To stop bleeding there is medicine for clotting too! 


There will be antiseptic wash along with ointment for wounds and injuries. Cotton gauge and bandages will be there. 


Palamu has 1796 polling booths and each booth will have 4 personnel each. 


Again there will be CAPF (central armed police force) companies which have their own full fledged medical unit. 


There will be at least 1 health worker at each of the polling stations this time who will handle the medical needs and will find which of the 12 medicines will be suitable for the ailing polling personnel. 


It is well understood that there will not be any medicine for diabetes and blood pressure as users of these two have with them like they carry their cell phones etc. 


Nodal officer of the Karmik Koshaang Kundan Kumar who is additional collector Palamu said this time administration is going to have one health worker at each of the booths who will deal with the medicines and its applications among the polling personnel and security forces in the event of any bout of sickness etc

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