149 city buses non-operational, efforts on to restore facility

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149 city buses non-operational, efforts on to restore facility

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

The 'Life Line' of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, has once again suddenly come to a halt as 149 city buses have stopped operating.

These buses running on 10 routes remained halted for the last 6 days due to the ticket collection dispute, due to which about 40000 passengers are facing trouble every day.

Actually, 149 buses running on 10 routes of Bhopal city have been closed since Thursday. As of Tuesday, it has been 6 days since these buses have been closed. The reason for this is the demand to reduce the amount given per km by the ticket collection agency 'Chalo App' in these buses, but in the last 6 days, BCLL and the officials of the corporation could not find a solution to this problem. In such a situation, more than 40 thousand passengers traveling daily in these buses are facing problems.

Conflict between BCLL and Chalo Company has stopped the wheels of 149 buses in Bhopal. The reason for stopping the wheels of these 149 buses in Bhopal is the conflict between BCLL and Chalo Company. Actually, there are two operators in the capital Bhopal, one of which is a bus operator and the other is a ticket operator. This ticket agency Chalo App has demanded to reduce the amount to be paid per kilometer. Angered by this, bus operator Maa Associates is not taking out its buses from the depot.

Cut collection company Chalo App has demanded Rs 25 per kilometer instead of Rs 32. In protest against which the bus operators did not take out the buses from the depot.

Passenger buses are not running in many different parts of the capital Bhopal including 10 routes - Kokta, Mandideep, Ayodhya Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Bhauri, Airport, Misrod, Bairagarh, Lalghati, Karond. Due to which students and common passengers are facing a lot of problems.

Students and common people waiting for the bus at the stoppage said that this is the only means we have which gives us the facility to travel in the city at a low cost, but now it is closed due to which we are getting troubled.

Students said that they are getting late for coaching every day. We recharge the pass but do not get a bus on that route. Money is being spent from both sides.

Bus route number from where to where total buses are operating are bus no. 115 Gandhinagar- Ayodhya Nagar total number of operating buses 17, bus no. 113 Idgah Hills- AIIMS total number of operating buses 10, 116 Putlighar to CRPF Camp Bangrasia 16, 205 Karond- Bairagarh Chichli 10, 204 Bhauri- Mandideep 02

208 Kokta- Lalghati 26, SR-8 Coach Factory- Bairagarh Chichli 31, TR-1 Akriti Eco City- Chirayu Hospital 33,311 Nariyal Kheda- LNCT College 02 and 106 Misrod- Airport 02 respectively.

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