2 more metro trains with 3 coaches each arrive

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2 more metro trains with 3 coaches each arrive

Monday, 12 February 2024 | PNS | Bhopal

Two more trains of 3 coaches each reached Bhopal from Vadodhara of Gujarat on Saturday which covered 600 km in 3 days all 6 coaches were brought in 6 big trolleys. Due to greater length, the speed of the trolls remained low.

The process of installing the coaches on the track will start from Sunday. After this they will be made to run on the track. Till now 3 metro trains have arrived in Bhopal and 72 more coaches of 24 trains will arrive.

A total of 27 metros will come in Bhopal and 25 in Indore. There are 3-3 coaches in every metro train. So far, 2 trains have arrived in Indore, whereas earlier one train had come to Bhopal for trial run. Now 6 more coaches of two metro trains have arrived. After their arrival, there are a total of 3 metro trains.

Metro Corporation officials said that the metro is run for at least 2 thousand kilometers to check the fitness of the track and the train. Therefore, the metro is being run continuously on the track since the trial run in September-October. The second and third trains will also be run for the same length.

On Thursday, coaches had left Gujarat in 6 trolleys. The coach reached Bhopal on Saturday. Metro Corporation officials said that it will be installed in two-three days. Then they will be brought on track.The work of inspection bay at Subhash Nagar depot under Bhopal Metro Priority Corridor is going on at a fast pace.

Before the commercial run, the metro will be run for 2000 km without passengers, so that the fitness of both the train and the track can be seen. The two upcoming trains will also be run on the track.

A trial run was conducted in Bhopal on October 3 last year. Of the 8 stations in the 6.22 km Orange Line, the trial run was conducted between five stations – Subhash Nagar, Kendriya School, DB Mall, MP Nagar and Rani Kamalapati station. Since then the train is being run on the track. The target is to run the metro for the common people in May-June 2024. Therefore, focus is being placed on the remaining work of the metro. Especially the work of Alkapuri, AIIMS and DRM office stations has been expedited.

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