200 units of free electricity to domestic consumers soon, says CM

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200 units of free electricity to domestic consumers soon, says CM

Monday, 17 June 2024 | PNS

Jamshedpur: In a significant stride towards the development of Rajnagar block, Chief Minister Champai Soren inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for a multitude of public welfare schemes and distributed assets to beneficiaries in a grand ceremony held at Matkambeda village. This event underscored the state government's commitment to infrastructure development, agricultural enhancement, and the overall socio-economic upliftment of the region.



Chief Minister Soren laid the foundation stone for 160 new schemes amounting to approximately Rs 16709.805 lakh. These projects are expected to enhance various aspects of public infrastructure and services, ranging from road construction to water supply systems. Additionally, 22 schemes worth Rs 7000.759 lakh were inaugurated, signifying the completion of crucial development projects aimed at improving the living standards in Rajnagar.



In a generous move to directly benefit the people, the Chief Minister distributed assets worth Rs 54 crore 42 lakh 46 thousand 498 rupees among the beneficiaries. These assets, encompassing financial aid, agricultural tools, housing materials, and more, are intended to support the livelihoods of the local population and promote economic stability.


During his address, Chief Minister Soren reaffirmed the government's dedication to transforming Rajnagar into a drought-free region. He assured the gathering that every field in Rajnagar will have water for 12 months, enabling farmers to cultivate their land throughout the year. "Our goal is to ensure that the fields and barns remain green all year round," he said, highlighting the ongoing efforts in irrigation and water management.


He emphasized the importance of strengthening infrastructure, stating, "Strengthening the infrastructure is the priority of the government; we are committed to enhancing the social, economic, and educational systems." Soren announced that the state government would soon provide 200 units of free electricity to domestic consumers, further easing the financial burden on households.




The Chief Minister reiterated the government's commitment to providing homes for the poor through the Abua Awas Yojana. He warned that strict action would be taken against any irregularities found in housing allotments, ensuring transparency and fairness in the distribution process. "Every poor will have his own home," he declared.


In a bid to improve healthcare access, Soren announced the implementation of a system that ensures the availability of medicines in every panchayat 24 hours a day. This initiative aims to address the healthcare needs of rural populations and reduce the burden on regional healthcare.


Highlighting the Guruji Credit Card Scheme, Chief Minister Soren assured that financial constraints would no longer hinder children's education. The scheme is designed to benefit children from all classes and communities, including tribals, Dalits, laborers, farmers, and minorities. "Our government is constantly trying to strengthen the education system. A developed state can be built only from an educated society," he stated.



Addressing the youth of Matkambeda, Soren urged them to stay away from drug abuse, emphasizing the destructive consequences of addiction. "Creating a drug-free society is the moral responsibility of all of us," he stressed, calling for collective efforts to eradicate this menace. He acknowledged the pivotal role of youth in the development of the home, society, and state, and appealed to them to contribute positively to the community.



The event witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including Minister Satyanand Bhokta, Minister Deepak Birua, Commissioner Kolhan Division Hari Prasad Kesari, District Council Chairman Sonaram Bodra, Deputy Commissioner Ravi Shankar Shukla, and Superintendent of Police Manish Toppo, among other officials. Their participation underscored the administrative support and collective effort towards the region's development.




The inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony in Matkambeda village marked a significant milestone in Rajnagar's development journey. Chief Minister Champai Soren's announcements and initiatives reflected the government's unwavering commitment to public welfare, infrastructure development, and socio-economic upliftment. The event highlighted the comprehensive approach adopted by the state government to address the needs of its people and pave the way for a prosperous and self-reliant Jharkhand.


Chief Minister Soren's visit to Matkambeda and the subsequent launch of numerous schemes underscore a new chapter of growth and development for Rajnagar, promising a brighter and more prosperous future for its residents.

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