35-year-old Ayurvedic technician commits suicide by hanging

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35-year-old Ayurvedic technician commits suicide by hanging

Monday, 17 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

A 35-year-old ayurvedic technician committed suicide in Sarvadharma C Sector in Kolar, the landlord reported a foul smell from the room and reported to police; the body is around three days old.

According to the police, Anjali Shukla (35) hanged 3 days ago.

The police have also recovered a suicide note from the spot. It is being said that Anjali used to work as a Panchkarma technician in Khushilal Ayurvedic Hospital. The body has been handed over to the family after postmortem at Hamidia Hospital.

According to Kolar police station, Anjali Shukla (35) was a resident of Rewa. She worked as a technician in Khushilal Ayurvedic Hospital in Bhopal, and lived in a rented house in Sarvadharma Colony in Kolar, Bhopal. The woman was living in Bhopal for the last 7-8 years.

Anjali's father Ashok Shukla is a farmer in Rewa. Father said that Anjali was the eldest daughter among 6 siblings. She came to Bhopal from Rewa on 6th June. She last talked to the family on June 12. Talking to the daughter at that time, it did not seem that she was going to commit suicide.

On Saturday information was received from Kolar police station, after which he reached Bhopal. Anjali got married in the year 2012. After this, she was living separately from her husband for a long time.

Landlord Darshan Badge informed the police about the case by reaching the police station with his friend Imran and said that Anjali Shukla was living on rent on the first floor above at his house for 1 month.

There was a foul smell coming from the house and later he  knocked on the door of Anjali's house with other tenant Roshan. When she did not open, we broke the window glass and looked inside. She was found hanging from the pipe of the tin roof.

Anjali's father Ashok Shukla sais that his daughter used to live in a rented room. The landlord Darshan Bagde's family also lived where she lived. Other tenants also lived in this house. How did no one know for 3 days that such an incident had happened?

Ashok told that Anjali was married to Suraj Dwivedi in 2012. After two years, she got separated from her family. Later, she came to Bhopal. Anjali was harassed in many ways by her in-laws. Once, they even beat her up.

Anjali complained about this to Kolar police. But, the police did not take any action. She was upset about this for a long time. That is why she has also written about the police in her suicide note.

A 2-page suicide note was found in Anjali's room. In which Anjali has held Bhopal and Rewa police responsible for her death. She said - my report should be shown to the whole world. On the first page, she has written about some of her physical problems. She has talked about a person named Vijay treating her badly. Apart from this, Anjali has written the names of many people on the suicide note, but did not tell why she has written their names.

At the same time, Anjali has written about her in-laws that she will not go there now and has written about her husband that he did a lot of drama in front of the Ganpati temple.

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