Akshita: Railway take step for female safety at platforms

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Akshita: Railway take step for female safety at platforms

Friday, 10 May 2024 | SHRI RAM SHAW | RAIPUR

To ensure women passengers’ safety at railway platforms, the South East Central Railway, Raipur, has given out a stern message to those who remain indifferent to its instructions: “Fall in line or get ready to face the music.”

Speaking exclusively with The Pioneer, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Awadhesh Kumar Trivedi said: “We have identified a suitable space named 'Akshita Safe Bubble' for female passengers waiting on the platform. It is equipped with seating facility along with other suitable facilities for them while waiting for the train.

“The aim is to provide a place to single woman passengers where they feel safe while waiting on the platform. We have identified the place on important stations like Raipur, Durg and Bhilai. This place is generally located in the middle of the platform, and the RPF (Railway Protection Force) post and Station Master officers are close by,” he added.

Trivedi said: “Installation of CCTV cameras has been made mandatory and drinking water facility has been ensured. The place in these stations has been barricaded to create a ‘safe bubble’. These places are constantly monitored by women personnel of the RPF. In this bubble, the entry of male passengers is prohibited.

“Because of this, female passengers waiting alone can spend their waiting time comfortably on the platform without any hesitation. Since the place has been identified as a ‘safe bubble’, every railway employee keeps an eye on it,” Trivedi added.

Trivedi recently conducted a surprise inspection at the Raipur railway station and found that some male passengers were sitting in the open waiting room on the platform reserved for women. And some porters were caught red handed drinking alcohol in the station premises.

An enraged Trivedi expressed strong objection to it and warned them that such incidents must not happen in future or else they will face punishment.

“If this happens again, punitive action will be taken against such mischievous elements. The porters’ badges may be confiscated. Their license can also be cancelled. Financial penalty will be imposed on those who sit on seats reserved for women. The message to such elements is crystal clear: either fall in line or get ready to face the music,” he said.  Trivedi appealed to all the passengers to report any untoward activities in the station on Helpline number 139.

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