Apollo Cancer Centre leads with Eastern India's first robotic kidney tumor surgery

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Apollo Cancer Centre leads with Eastern India's first robotic kidney tumor surgery

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 | R Sharma | BOKARO

Seventy-year-old  Dulal Dutta was discharged within five days after undergoing a groundbreaking robotic radical nephrectomy with inferior vena cava (IVC) thrombectomy to remove a kidney tumor. His kidney, enlarged to 12 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm due to a 6 cm x 5.5 cm x 5 cm malignant tumor, had a 3 cm tumor thrombus obstructing the IVC, the body's largest vein.


Dutta's family consulted the doctors at Apollo Cancer Centre (ACC), Kolkata, seeking alternatives to the open surgery recommended by other cancer centers in Kolkata. Led by Dr. Tarun Jindal, Senior Consultant of Uro-Oncology and Robotic Surgery, the team at Apollo Cancer Centre successfully performed the complex surgery using advanced robotic technology. This technology provided unique benefits, including enhanced visualization and magnification, allowing precise removal of the smallest tumor implants. The minimally invasive technique resulted in minimal blood loss of only 100 cc, compared to the 500-600 cc typically seen in open surgeries. 



Dr. Tarun Jindal stated, "The integration of robotic technology in kidney tumor removal has redefined complex tumor removal procedures. With unmatched precision and a minimally invasive approach, robotic surgery offers remarkable capabilities for meticulous tumor excision. This patient's rapid recovery after a major surgery highlights the precision of this method, enhancing surgical outcomes while minimizing postoperative complications."


Dr. Anshuman Roy, Anesthesiologist at Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, added, "The intricacies of administering precise anesthesia, fluid management, and blood circulation during IVC clamping make these cases extremely challenging. The integration of robotic surgery has significantly contributed to advanced treatment and recovery processes in such complex cases."



This historic achievement positions Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, at the forefront of medical innovation not only in Eastern India but across the country. With a steadfast commitment to improving patient care and outcomes, Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, continues to pave the way for advanced medical treatments and procedures.

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