Atishi vows to continue protest till water released

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Atishi vows to continue protest till water released

Monday, 24 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

With Delhi facing acute shortage of water amid prolonged heatwave conditions and mismanagement of water supply, Delhi Water Minister Atishi on Sunday repeated the charge that Haryana government is still keeping closed all gates of Hathnikund Barrage supplying water to Delhi. She added that she will continue her indefinite hunger strike over it. This comes a day after Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena accused the AAP government of playing a “political game” over the issue instead of resolving it in an “amicable and cooperative manner”.

Atishi’s indefinite hunger strike to demand water for Delhi, which is in the grip of a severe water crisis and scorching heat, entered the third day here.

 In a video message on X, she said, “I have been on a hunger strike to get Delhi’s share of water. Haryana government is releasing 100 MGD water less which is depriving nearly 28 lakh people of Delhi of water. Some journalists have said that the Hathnikund Barrage is full of water but Haryana government has shut all gates to stop that water from reaching the national capital.”  The minister urged the Haryana government to release water for Delhi. “My hunger strike will continue till Delhi gets its rightful share of water,” she added.

In her message, Atishi said, “Today is the third day of my indefinite fast. I am on this fast because there is a huge water crisis in Delhi. There is a huge shortage of water in Delhi. Delhi does not have its own water, all the water here comes from neighboring states. Delhi needs a total of 1,005 MGD of water, out of which 613 million gallons of water comes from Haryana.

“But for the last three weeks, Haryana has reduced the supply of water. Haryana is only sending 513 MGD of water. Haryana is releasing 100 million gallons less water per day. One MGD fulfils the water needs of 28,500 people. That means when Haryana is releasing 100 MGD less water, 28 lakh people of Delhi are not getting water,” the Delhi Water Minister mentioned.

Delhi Minister and AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj said, “After Atishi sat for protest, Haryana reduced at least 17 MGD (million gallons per day) more water, so now Haryana is giving 117 MGD less water. Haryana has stopped water for 85,000 people in the last 3 days...Atishi and I met (Delhi) LG, and he recorded the entire meeting. I’m asking him to make the video recordings public. The whole BJP and LG VK Saxena appointed by them will be exposed.”           

 Delhi is dependent on Uttar Pradesh and Haryana for the supply of drinking water. The Aam Aadmi Party has claimed that of the 1,005 MGD of water supplied to Delhi daily, the city should get 613 MGD from Haryana. But the national capital is getting less than 513 MGD water from Haryana, the party has claimed.

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