Birth and Death certificate camps scheduled in Bokaro

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Birth and Death certificate camps scheduled in Bokaro

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 | PNS | BOKARO

In a significant move to streamline the process of obtaining birth and death certificates, the Bokaro district administration has announced a series of special camps across various wards. These camps aim to facilitate the residents in acquiring these essential documents without undue delay.


As per the directive issued by the Deputy Commissioner Bokaro VijayaJadhav, several camps will be organized under the supervision of the Municipal Corporation. This initiative, highlighted by order number 1794 dated May 31, 2024, is a response to the frequent challenges faced by citizens in obtaining their birth and death certificates.


The directive acknowledges the crucial role that birth and death certificates play in accessing various government schemes and services. The lack of these documents often hinders residents from availing essential benefits. The district administration has recognized this issue and is committed to providing a solution through these camps.


Notably the first camp will be set up at Bharti Madrassa School, serving wards 1 and 10. Key officials overseeing this camp include  Mahendra Choudhary (Municipal Executive Officer), Atique Hussain (PIU Official), and  Praveen Kumar (Tehsildar).


These camps are expected to significantly reduce the bureaucratic hurdles that residents face in obtaining birth and death certificates. By bringing the services directly to the wards, the administration hopes to ensure that every citizen has the necessary documentation to access various welfare schemes, educational opportunities, and healthcare services.


The camps will not only provide certificates but also offer guidance on the application process, ensuring that residents understand the importance of these documents and the procedures to obtain them. The administration has assured that all necessary measures will be in place to handle the expected turnout efficiently.


Residents are encouraged to take advantage of these camps to secure their birth and death certificates with greater ease. The district administration is committed to making the process as smooth and accessible as possible, reflecting its dedication to serving the community's needs.


This initiative marks a proactive step by the Bokaro district administration towards improving public service delivery and ensuring that all citizens have access to essential documents. The success of these camps could serve as a model for other districts facing similar challenges.

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