BJP attacks AAP Government for plunging city into severe water crisis

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BJP attacks AAP Government for plunging city into severe water crisis

Friday, 21 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Delhi BJP attacked the ruling AAP government on Thursday accusing it of ‘corruption, inaction and appalling apathy’ which has forced the city into an unprecedented water crisis despite the release of adequate water in Yamuna by neighbouring Haryana. Sharing data by the Haryana government, Delhi BJP leaders claimed that Haryana has been releasing 17.34 percent more water to Delhi than its usual share of 1050 cusec water.

 In a joint press conference, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva accused Water Minister Atishi of dishing out lies on the issue and challenging her to verify the documents related to water released by Haryana.  If there is shortage of water in Delhi, how is it possible that water tankers and bottled water is freely available, he asked.

 "Earlier, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal used to blame Punjab and Haryana for the water crisis in Delhi. But, now AAP leaders do not say anything about Punjab or Himchal Pradesh ruled by their ally Congress which has refused to provide water to Delhi," he said.

 Sachdeva alleged leakages in pipelines and tanker mafia as the main reasons behind the water crisis.  "There are dozens of ruling party MLAs who are in collusion with tanker mafia," he charged.

 The Delhi BJP president also accused Atishi of lying that Haryana was not providing water to Delhi. "Even yesterday Haryana released 17.34 per cent more water to Delhi than its usual share of 1050 cusecs of water in Yamuna which can be verified through documents," he said.

 "AAP has lost all shame. Which government conspires to leave its own people thirsty? They have cheated Delhi people in the name of free water", he charged. Union Minister Harsh Malhotra said that the water crisis in Delhi is a serious issue, and it is the responsibility of the Kejriwal government to provide water to the people of Delhi. “If the supply resource is sufficient, then why is Ms. Atishi making political accusations against others? Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers are not mature enough to fulfil their responsibilities. They have always acted negligently when given responsibility, whether in the Delhi government or the municipal corporation,” he said, adding if STP plants had been installed at the outlets of 18 drains, Delhi would not be thirsty today.

“The pipelines in Delhi are over 50 years old. Instead of making accusations, Atishi should ensure that the people of Delhi receive adequate water in an organised manner,” he said.

North East Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari slammed the AAP asking why it was not calling a special session to discuss the issue of water crisis in Delhi.  "It's because they will be exposed by the BJP in the assembly. They start talking about a problem only when it worsens," he said.

He also slammed the AAP saying it has failed to provide water to Delhi people while Modi government has ensured piped gas connections to 80 per cent of houses so far in the city.  Water minister Atishi should apologise the Delhi people for lying over the water issue, said South Delhi MP Ramvir Singh Bidhuri.

North West Delhi MP Yogendra Chandolia said that Atishi used to blame Haryana for not releasing water for Delhi in Yamuna but when her lies were exposed she changed her stand and started pleading for it on humanitarian ground.  Meanwhile, Bansuri Swaraj, New Delhi MP, said that Delhi is in a dire state and the "apathy" of AAP is appalling.

 "The Water minister is indulging in theatrics and not action to solve the problem," she blamed Atishi. Atishi has warned to sit on an indefinite hunger strike from Friday if Haryana does not release 100 MGD of water for Delhi. She said that around 28 lakh people in Delhi were not getting water due to Haryana not releasing water in Yamuna.

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