BJP attacks Govt over crime incidents in Ranchi

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BJP attacks Govt over crime incidents in Ranchi

Thursday, 30 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shahdev launched a major attack on the state government over the deteriorating law and order situation in the capital. Pratul said that the echo of the DJ murder in a famous bar of Ranchi had not even subsided that within 24 hours five different incidents in Ranchi exposed the police. It seems that the fear of police has ended in the criminals.

A heinous incident of gang rape of the wife of a soldier on duty at the border takes place in Namkum. This rusty system could not even protect the honor of the wife of the soldier protecting the border. A person is burnt alive by setting a container on fire by the Naxalites on the McCluskieganj main road.

Pratul said that the trade of brown sugar is also going on in full swing in the capital Ranchi. The police are making sporadic arrests but are unable to reach the mastermind. Apart from this, today a person was robbed of Rs. 1.5 lakh while withdrawing money from a bank under Sukhdev Nagar police station. After these four big incidents, the theft of Rs. 10,000 cash and jewelry worth Rs. 2 lakh in Sukhdev Nagar is considered a small incident.

Pratul demanded strict action from the Chief Minister. Pratul said that the residents of the capital are stammering. Chief Minister, please establish the credibility of the government. Strengthen the intelligence system of the police. Proactive policing should begin. Pratul said that such a system should be made so that the criminal is forced to think 10 times before committing any crime.

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