BJP questions opposition’s silence on miscreants in Haldwani riot

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BJP questions opposition’s silence on miscreants in Haldwani riot

Sunday, 11 February 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Bharatiya Janata Party has stressed that ensuring that peace and harmony is maintained and that strict action is taken against the culprits in the Haldwani riot is the priority of the government. Responding to the opposition’s reaction to the Haldwani incident, the BJP has stated that the opposition has maintained a silence regarding the miscreants who carried out a deadly attack on the personnel of the police and administration, and media persons on Thursday.

The BJP State media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that the attempt made to disturb the peace in Uttarakhand by criminal elements guilty of encroachment and illegal construction is highly deplorable. The authorities will identify such miscreants and they will face legal action. He also questioned the timing of the demand raised by Congress and INDIA bloc leaders for action on the district officials and an inquiry into the riot by a sitting judge of the High Court. “The priority of any government in such a situation is to maintain the peace and order for which the police is working efficiently under chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s leadership. The police and investigation agency are also working to act against the culprits and legal action will be taken against all those involved in the riot so that they do not even think about indulging in such crimes in the future. The police have started identifying the accused and some arrests have also been made.As far as the question of action on the district officials and probe by a sitting judge is concerned, a magisterial inquiry has already been ordered into the Haldwani incident. Action will be taken accordingly if negligence or strategic gaps are ascertained by the probe,” he said.

Chauhan also accused the INDIA bloc of spreading confusion regarding the notice issued for removal of the encroachment. He stressed that a notice had been issued for removal of the encroachment and that the Uttarakhand High Court has maintained its decision regarding the removal of encroachments. Questioning the intention behind the demand of the opposition, he said that it is asking for action on the police and administration but is remaining silent on the encroachers who helped the miscreants carry out such violence. Those who are talking of official carelessness have not once said that breaking the law, attacking the police and government workers with petrol bombs, guns and stones while committing arson is highly deplorable. “It is unfortunate that police women were also beaten and that deadly attacks were made even on journalists. It is even more unfortunate that none of the opposition leaders has criticised the miscreants for such attacks. They have not been able to gather the courage to oppose those who carried out the deadly attacks and riot,” the BJP State media in-charge added.

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