BJP targets INDIA bloc leaders for ‘code word’ corruption

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BJP targets INDIA bloc leaders for ‘code word’ corruption

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

BJP state spokesperson Dr. Arun Oraon on Wednesday attacked Indi Alliance on corruption alleging that Indi Alliance leaders have given a new code word regarding corruption. Money was taken according to the code word. File, folder and boss names were given according to the rate. It was used to extort money.

Dr. Oraon said that the INDI Alliance sold Jharkhand through code words. Rs 37 crore were recovered from the house of someone close to the minister. Doing corruption through code words is not new for Congress and JMM as they have always been using it for corruption.

He said that the code word was also mentioned in the file found from the house of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren's former Principal Secretary Rajiv Arun Ekka. The minister's PA has also mentioned how much commission was given to whom for which work. How much commission has been given to the minister?

ED has given the court detailed information about taking commission in the tender. After arresting Chief Engineer Virendra Ram, ED interrogated him. During interrogation, Virendra Ram admitted to giving commission of Rs 3 crore to the minister. Only after this the ED took action. A mountain of currency notes was recovered from the house of the minister's PA servant. The organization has been fed the means to commit corruption.

Even after the corruption case was exposed and the currency notes were recovered, there is no shame and morality left in Alamgir Alam. Not resigning from the post. Chief Minister Champai Soren should take cognizance of this and immediately dismiss him from the cabinet.

He said that the public is watching the hard work of these people. The public will give him a befitting reply in the coming assembly elections also. Will uproot corrupt leaders, ministers and government. He said that considering the achievements of INDI Alliance, it would be appropriate to give them a new name His Master Corrupt Alliance.

He welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court. Said that Hemant Soren is not getting bail even from the court. This makes it clear how serious the allegations of corruption are against him. Other people should also take a lesson from this. People of INDI Alliance should desist from blaming BJP.

The state spokesperson said that Prime Minister Modi has already made it clear that neither will I eat nor will I let anyone eat. I will take strict action against those who fill the coffers by looting public money. Till now, ED and CBI have recovered lakhs of crores of rupees. He said that every penny will be recovered from those who looted public money. Such corrupt people will be put in jail.

State media co-in-charge Yogendra Pratap Singh and state spokesperson Rafia Naz were present on this occasion.


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