CGPC protest march, warns govt not to take anti-Sikh decisions

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CGPC protest march, warns govt not to take anti-Sikh decisions

Monday, 12 February 2024 | PNS | Jamshedpur

Under the leadership of CGPC, Jamshedpur's Sangat and other groups took out a protest march and warned the central government to stop interfering in the affairs of Sikhs and not take anti-Sikh decisions. On Saturday, under the leadership of Sardar Bhagwan Singh, Stree Satsang Sabha, Central Sikh Naujawan Sabha and various groups participated in the anger march and expressed strong protest against the government's decision.

Jamshedpur's Sikh Takht Sri Hazur Sahib Nanded was protesting over the Maharashtra government's decision to reduce the number of members of Sikh organizations in the Gurdwara Management Board.

Chanting Satnam-Waheguru from the Central Gurdwara Management Committee office, wearing black bands as a symbol of protest, the protest march reached the office of the Deputy Commissioner, where in the absence of the Deputy Commissioner, a memorandum was submitted to DRDA Director Jyotsna Singh.

After submitting the memorandum, Central Gurdwara Management Committee (CGPC) chief Sardar Bhagwan Singh, Chairman Sardar Shailender Singh, Gurmeet Singh Tote, Gurcharan Singh Billa and representatives of hundreds of different Gurudwaras strongly protested against this decision of the government.

CGPC President Sardar Bhagwan Singh said that this action of the Maharashtra Government is extremely condemnable and hurts the sentiments of the Sikhs, against which the CGPC will strongly oppose and if necessary, will go to Maharashtra and hold a protest. Bhagwan Singh said that the present central government wants to do politics in the name of religion, which is not acceptable to the Sikhs at all. Taking a jibe at the Central Government, he said that India should be allowed to remain India and it should not be divided in the name of religion. Chairman Sardar Shailendra Singh said that the Act of Takht Shri Hazur Sahib Nanded Management Board has been arbitrarily amended by the Maharashtra Government. The number of nominated members of Shiromani Gurdwara Management Committee has been reduced. The atrocities of Maharashtra government will not be tolerated.

Gurmeet Singh Tote and Gurcharan Singh Billa also strongly condemned the anti-Sikh decision, saying that the Sikh sect cannot tolerate government interference in the management of their holy pilgrimage sites at any cost.

It is noteworthy that the Maharashtra Government has increased the number of nominated members by amending the Takht Shri Hazur Sahib Management Board (Nanded) Act. At the same time, the number of SGPC members in the managerial board has been reduced from four to two. According to the amended bill, the total number of members in the existing board will be 17. Of these, the government will nominate 12 members. Two members will be nominated from SGPC. The remaining three members will be selected through the election process. Earlier the number of members nominated by the government was seven.

Pradhan Bhagwan Singh, Chairperson Shailendra Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Gurcharan Singh Billa, Narendrapal Singh Bhatia, Nishan Singh, Chanchal Singh, Giani Kuldeep Singh Shergill, Paramjeet Singh Kale, Gurnam Singh, Kulwinder Singh Pannu, Parvinder Singh Sohal, Lakhwinder Singh. , Inderjit Singh, Patwant Singh, Gurcharan Singh Titu, Jasvir Singh, Balwinder Singh, Heera Singh Kalsi, Dalbir Singh, Gurcharan Singh, Ravindra Singh, Balbir Singh, Ranjit Singh Matharu, Amarjeet Singh Gandhi, Hardeep Singh Bhatia, Baldev Singh, Surjit Singh Khushipur, Harminder Singh Mindi, Kamaljeet Singh, Prakash Singh, Harjinder Singh, Sukhdev Singh Bittu, Amrik Singh, Satyendrapal Singh, Gurjeet Singh Pintu, Avinash Singh, Sukhdev Singh Panesar, Satpal Singh, Gurdeep Singh Laddi, Jagdeep Singh, Paramjeet Singh Vicky, Sarabjit Singh, Harvinder Singh Golu, Sukhwant Singh, Jaswant Singh, Kuldeep Singh Giani, Satpal Singh Ghuman, Ravinder Kaur, Kamaljeet Kaur, Dalbir Kaur, Palwinder Kaur, Kamaljeet Kaur Gill, Sukhwant Kaur, Paramjeet Kaur and all Gurdwara Committees, Central Naujawan Sabha. Hundreds of representatives of Central Stree Satsang Sabha, Akali Dal Jamshedpur and other organizations participated.

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