Changes in NMC standards threw a spanner in new medical colleges

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Changes in NMC standards threw a spanner in new medical colleges

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 | PNS | Lucknow

Sudden changes in standards are the primary reason for the difficulties faced in obtaining permission from the National Medical Commission (NMC) to start new medical colleges in 13 districts of the state. Initially, the state government aimed to establish 13 new autonomous medical colleges adhering to the standards set by the NMC in 2020. These colleges sought Letters of Permission (LoPs) from the NMC in 2023, planning to commence the academic session in 2024-25. However, the NMC is now evaluating these applications based on the updated standards introduced in 2023 for the MBBS course.

Meanwhile, the state government has reiterated its commitment to the ‘One District, One Medical College’ initiative. The government is exploring all possible options to commence teaching in the new medical colleges in 13 districts beginning the 2024-25 academic session.

According to sources, an appeal has been made by all the state autonomous medical colleges under Article 28 (5) of the NMC Act 2019.

Additionally, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has personally spoken to Union Health Minister JP Nadda, emphasising the need to adhere to the standards set in 2020 to ensure the 2024-25 academic session can proceed in these medical colleges.

As per sources, the state government had envisioned 13 new medical colleges based on the standards set by the NMC in 2020. Based on these standards, LoPs were sought from the NMC in 2023, with the aim of starting the academic session in 2024-25.

However, new standards for the MBBS course were introduced by the NMC in 2023. In response, the Yogi government wrote to the NMC, requesting that inspections of these 13 new medical colleges be conducted based on the old standards.

Not only Uttar Pradesh but also many other states and private medical colleges have requested the NMC to postpone the implementation of the 2023 standards. This is because the new standards for medical teachers and infrastructure are significantly higher than those set in 2020.

The sources indicate that various autonomous state medical colleges have made every effort to fill the posts of medical teachers. The state government granted the authority to appoint contract-based medical teachers to a local committee chaired by the principal. Additionally, four committees were formed for the appointment of regular medical teachers.

Upon the issuance of the NMC notice, dated May 2, 2024, the Model Code of Conduct was in effect in the state due to the Lok Sabha elections. Immediately after it ended, advertisements were issued to invite applications for the appointment of medical teachers, and the selection process is currently underway. However, there is a challenge in meeting such rigorous standards within a short timeframe.

It is noteworthy that under the old NMC standards of 2020, 50 medical teachers were required, whereas the 2023 standards now mandate 86 medical teachers. Similarly, the old standards required 24 senior residents, whereas the 2023 standards specify 40 senior residents. Furthermore, while six professor positions sufficed under the old standards, the 2023 standards necessitate 17 professors.

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