Choice is between ‘swarth ka parivar’ and ‘Modi ka parivar’, says Yogi

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Choice is between ‘swarth ka parivar’ and ‘Modi ka parivar’, says Yogi

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 | PNS | Lucknow

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath remarked on Tuesday that in this election, on one side is the ‘swarth ka ‘parivar’ and on the other side, it’s 'Modi ka ‘parivar’.
“The 2024 elections present an opportunity for the people of India to express their gratitude to Modi ji,” Yogi said while addressing a ‘Prabuddh Varg Sammelan’ in support of Bharatiya Janata Party's Lok Sabha candidate Chhatrapal Singh Gangwar from Bareilly and Dharmendra Kashyap from Aonla.
“There is only one voice resounding across the entire nation — ‘Phir ek baar Modi Sarkar’. Behind this unified chant lies Modi ji's decade-long unwavering dedication. He has strived to elevate India’s global standing, hence Indians are echoing this sentiment unanimously to express their gratitude towards him. Under Modi ji’s leadership, India is reaching unprecedented heights of development,” he added.
Making a comparison, the CM stated that in this election, one side offers a “riot and curfew policy”, while on the other side, the Modi government ensures a better security environment.
“Similarly, one side extends patronage to the mafia, while the BJP government prioritises establishing the rule of law. Additionally, while the people of INDI Alliance promote corruption in elections, the Modi government operates with a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption. On one side, there is ‘swarth ka parivar’ and on the other, there is ‘Modi ka Parivar’ comprising 140 crore Indians.
“Similarly, while casteism prevails on one side, the other side ensures that the benefits of government schemes reach every impoverished citizen,” he added.
The CM remarked that there has been a significant transformation in the lives of the ‘Annadata’ (farmers) due to initiatives like the Krishi Sinchayi Yojana, Agricultural Insurance Scheme, and Kisan Samman Nidhi. Additionally, schemes such as PM Start-Up, PM Stand Up, and PM Vishwakarma have been launched to foster employment opportunities.
The chief minister highlighted that there has been a transformation in every sector across the country and the state, with Modi pledging for a developed India. He stressed that for a developed India, a developed UP is essential, and for a developed UP, a developed Bareilly is crucial, thus emphasising the necessity of the BJP.
The CM commended MP Santosh Gangwar, noting his longstanding leadership in Bareilly. He remarked, “Under his guidance, various developments have taken place in Bareilly, benefiting both the state and the nation. The workers here have received and will continue to receive his blessings. Santosh Gangwar has extended his blessings to Chhatrapal Gangwar and Dharmendra Kashyap. Under Santosh Gangwar’s leadership, Bareilly aspires to secure victory for BJP candidates.”

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