CM bolsters Punjab Police with 410 new hi-tech vehicles

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CM bolsters Punjab Police with 410 new hi-tech vehicles

Thursday, 29 February 2024 | PNS | Phillaur (Jalandhar)

In a move aimed at modernizing Punjab’s law enforcement apparatus, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday unveiled sweeping upgrades to the state’s police force, emphasizing efficiency, responsiveness, and effectiveness.

Mann, speaking at a ceremonial event before flagging off 410 new hi-tech vehicles designated for Station House Officers (SHOs), underscored the critical importance of equipping frontline officers with modern resources to enhance their operational capabilities and better serve the community.

He emphasized that for the first time, new vehicles are being allocated directly to SHOs, signifying a departure from previous practices where priority was often given to high-ranking officers. By prioritizing resources for those at the grassroots level, the Chief Minister aimed at empowering the SHOs, who serve as the primary interface between law enforcement agencies and the public. By providing them with cutting-edge tools and equipment, Mann hoped to bolster their effectiveness in maintaining law and order and addressing community concerns promptly.

Acknowledging the pressing need for enhanced road safety measures, Mann announced the establishment of the ‘Sadak Surakhya Force’ — a specialized unit tasked with reducing fatalities from road accidents and streamlining traffic management across Punjab. Equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets and comprehensive medical kits, vehicles deployed by this force at regular intervals along Punjab's thoroughfares aim to provide immediate assistance to accident victims and ensure smoother traffic flow.

The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction at the early success of the Sadak Surakhya Force, citing a noticeable reduction in the daily death toll from road accidents within a fortnight of its inception. He lauded the proactive efforts of this specialized unit in mitigating road accidents and enhancing the overall efficiency of district police forces. Mann reaffirmed the Government's commitment to further strengthening the Sadak Surakhya Force and expanding its reach to cover more areas across the state.

Recognizing the unique security challenges posed by Punjab's border location, Mann reiterated the government's resolve to modernize the police force by incorporating advanced investigative techniques and embracing technological innovations. He emphasized the importance of equipping law enforcement agencies with the requisite tools and training to effectively combat emerging threats and maintain peace and stability in the region. Mann pledged to uphold the rich legacy of Punjab Police's unwavering commitment to serving the nation and protecting its citizens.

In line with the government's steadfast commitment to promoting women's safety and empowerment, Mann highlighted the establishment of eight exclusive police stations dedicated to addressing women's security concerns. He also noted the appointment of female officers to senior positions across various districts, underscoring the government's commitment to gender equality and inclusivity in law enforcement. Mann reaffirmed the government's determination to create a safe and supportive environment for women and girls in Punjab.

Turning to other key initiatives, Mann emphasized the government's focus on job creation, youth empowerment, and drug eradication. He announced plans to recruit additional police personnel over the next four years, aiming to address staffing shortages and enhance law enforcement capabilities. Mann stressed the importance of providing meaningful employment opportunities to youth as a crucial strategy for combating drug abuse and promoting social cohesion.

As a gesture of appreciation for the sacrifices made by police personnel and their families, Mann presided over a Guldasta function, where financial assistance was provided to the families of fallen officers. He underscored the government's unwavering support for police personnel and their families, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to maintaining law and order in the state. Mann reaffirmed the government's commitment to ensuring the welfare and well-being of police personnel and their families in Punjab.

410 Hi-Tech Vehicles to Enhance Police’s Efficiency

Punjab Chief Minister on Wednesday flagged off 410 new vehicles to upscale the efficiency of the Punjab Police to maintain law and order. Out of these, 274 are Mahindra Scorpios, 41 Isuzu Highlanders apart from 71 KIA Carens vehicles are being issued for PCR and dial 112, and TATA Tiago EV (electric vehicles) are being issued for the safety of women.

With the arrival of these vehicles, the promptness and mobility of the police stations will increase, and the response time of the police will be improved. It has happened for the first time in the history of the Punjab Police that Rs 150 crore rupees have been spent on the purchase of vehicles in a single financial year.

Under the same series, 1195 vehicles that have completed their 15 years of life are being scraped, and new vehicles are being purchased in place of these condemned vehicles. In the first phase, 508 vehicles are being purchased at a cost of Rs 94.15 crore. In the second phase, 851 vehicles will be purchased in FY 2024–25 at a cost of Rs 75.42 crore.

Punjab Government has issued Rs 40 crore to the Punjab Police to strengthen the security of the border areas, of which Rs 10 crore has been given for the renovation of police stations and Rs 10 crore for the purchase of modern vehicles.

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