Coconut water packs, sugarcane juice come to rescue of voters

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Coconut water packs, sugarcane juice come to rescue of voters

Sunday, 26 May 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

The electors of Delhi cast their votes while enduring the summer heat on Saturday with some voters even fainting due to the blazing sun and hot winds sweeping the national capital even as poll authorities made arrangements to beat the heat.

The capital was under an "orange alert" on the polling day with the maximum temperature being recorded at 43.4 degrees Celsius, 3.2 notches above the season's average, according to the IMD.

Due to the scorching temperature, arrangements like water fans, earthern pitchers filled with water, spacious waiting halls and shaded areas with coolers were set up at the polling booths by the election office of the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer.

A 70-year-old woman fainted at a polling booth in West Delhi constituency after casting her vote. She was assisted by the volunteers and taken to the hospital.

At some polling booths, coconut water was distributed to the voters.

Talking about the process and time of the voting, a 40-year-old voter Lalit Mahalwal, who is currently in phase of recovering from paralysis, told PTI that fans were placed and an individual was taking five to 10 minutes for casting their votes.

"Water fans were also installed to give relief, so there was no such problem to worry about. Coolers and fans were installed to mitigate any discomfort. Special arrangements like paramedical staff equipped with basic medical kits were stationed at all polling locations," he said.

Shaded areas were set up at each polling station and the waiting areas were fully covered. One glass of sugarcane juice worked at providing respite to the voters at many places in Delhi.  Outside a polling booth in Alipur, which falls in Northwest Delhi constituency, Rajat Maan, who came with his wife Swati, said, "Is garmi ko kaatne ka, bas yehi hai desi illaj.”

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