Dacoity at doctor’s residence, miscreants nabbed in 5 hours

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Dacoity at doctor’s residence, miscreants nabbed in 5 hours

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Miscreants targeted the house of a female doctor in Shahpura and looted Rs 50 lakh, a necklace weighing 100 gm and a diamond studded necklace of a female doctor in Bhopal. The crime was committed by the servant of the house along with his associates. At the time of the incident the entire family had gone to a hotel to celebrate their birthday.

During this time, there were four people in the house including servant Laxman, his minor brother and servant husband and wife.

The incident took place at 10.10 pm on Monday night at the house of Dr. Anshul Singh, resident of Shahpura B Sector house number 234.

At that time there were four domestic helpers in the house. In the night armed criminals entered the house. They pretended to beat Lakshman and also assaulted another servants and maids and locked them in the room. To make the situation real Laxman  vandalized the house along with his associates. After this the miscreants sent away the money and jewellery. Then informed the police. Meanwhile, when the doctor's family returned from the hotel, they got information about the incident.

Dr. Anshul Singh is an Assistant Professor in the Neurology Department of LN Medical College and JK Hospital located on Kolar Road. Dr. Anshul is the niece of former MLA Yadvendra Singh from Nagod in Satna district, who recently joined BJP.

The main accused Laxman (22) had committed the crime along with his associates.

Dr. Anshul Singh left his house in Shahpura B Sector at 9 pm on Monday night with his family. Sister Priya's birthday celebration was held in the city's Jehan Numa Retreat. An hour later, at around 10.10, 5-6 miscreants reach Dr. Anshul Singh's house in a two wheeler. Here the gate of the house was already found open. Four servants, Betul resident Laxman (22), two servants, husband-wife Dharmendra Parihar (48), Suman Parihar (45) and another minor (13) were present inside. The minor is Laxman's cousin, Dr. Anshul's father Gyanendra Singh had kept him with his daughter for education.

The miscreants first beat Suman and Dharmendra. Pretended to beat Laxman in front of them. After some time they locked Suman and Dharmendra in a room. Then the minor told Laxman where the jewelery and cash were kept in the house. After committing the crime, the miscreants escaped at 10:50 pm. The miscreants looted Rs 50 lakh in cash, a 10 tola necklace and a diamond set in 40 minutes.

Police received information about the incident after 11 pm. Meanwhile, the Charlie team of Misrod police station found one of the accused, Amit, pushing a bike in Misrod area. When he could not give any satisfactory answer during interrogation, he was searched. A revolver cover and two bullets were seized from nearby. During strict interrogation, he confessed to carrying out the robbery.

Thereafter, the police caught Laxman from the doctor's house and took him to Mandideep, where Rs 49 lakh was recovered from another accused. The police found this money stuffed in a sack. It is suspected that he was planning to escape from a van parked nearby. Then she got spoiled. Due to which he could not run away. At present 3 accused are in police custody. The rest are being searched.

Police have arrested 5 accused so far Laxman Singh Keer (24) of Misrod, Amit Rathore (24) of Mandideep, Santosh Kumar Jagande (31), Shivalik Block Mandideep and Sonu Ahirwar alias Balbant Ram Nagar Mandideep and a 15-year-old minor.

All the accused were planning to carry out the robbery for 3 months. For which the minor was given special training. He was asked to collect information about every thing kept in the house. Before committing the crime, the minor servant along with his associates had switched off the DVR of the CCTV installed in the house. After committing the crime, the accused had also taken the DVR with them.

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