Different approach to snake bite and dog bite in Palamu

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Different approach to snake bite and dog bite in Palamu

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

When a snake bites, 8 villagers out of 10 take the snake bite victim to any witchcraft. But, when a dog bites, the parents or family members always rushes the dog bite victim to the government hospital as here only anti rabies shots are administered all free. 


Thus with the snake bite, dark faith eclipses medication while in the dog bite instance, it's medication that dispels the dark faith. 


Both the bites may be fatal if the snake is venomous and dog bite is left without combating it with anti rabies shot. 


Dog bites are in the length and width of Palamu but dog bite cases are pouring in at the Hussainabad sub divisional hospital in Palamu.


Medical officer in charge of the hospital Dr Deepak Kumar Sinha said "Today Monday 10 new cases of dog bite have come to this hospital."


Sinha further said "On an average 4 or 5 cases of dog bites come to this hospital every day."


The dog bite victims are of all age groups child to senior citizen. 


There is no dearth of anti rabies shot. Today's stock of the anti rabies is 2,000 vials, added Sinha. 


A victim of dog bite is to have 4 shots of the anti rabies namely O, 3,7 and 14th of the day. 


Civil surgeon Palamu Dr Anil Kumar has asked people to first have no such chance or occasion to get bitten by a dog. 


Dr Anil Kumar agreed that there are moments when a dog in the street just bites with vengeance. 


He asked the victim not to panic but to keep the bite wound clean and without any loss of time to visit the government hospital for a free anti rabies shot. 


Dr Anil Kumar said there must not be any delay in taking the anti rabies shot. 


He said those who neglect dog bite wounds and miss taking anti rabies shots just can't overcome fatality which is 100 percent. 


"So it's always safe to have anti rabies shots. People are very conscious about it. It's a very good sign. I ask them to visit the nearest government hospital in case of the snake bites too as it is a criminal act to visit any so-called  superstition practitioner for any relief from the snake bite" added the civil surgeon.

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