Electricity supply of Panna distt disrupted due to theft of transmission tower parts

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Electricity supply of Panna distt disrupted due to theft of transmission tower parts

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 | PNS | JABALPUR

The tower of ERS located at village Bhad in 132 KV Satna - Devendra Nagar - Panna transmission line of MP Transco’s (Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company) got damaged due to theft of its parts. Due to the damage to this tower which supplies electricity in Panna district, the residents of the area had to face a lot of trouble. In this scorching heat, electricity supply was disrupted in many areas of Panna district for 02 to 12 hours. It was the skill and dedication of MP Transco's transmission line maintenance team that enabled the line to be restarted within 12 hours, otherwise it would have taken 03 to 04 days to re-energize.

MP Transco Satna Executive Engineer RS Pandey said that the 132 KV power transmission line supplying electricity to Panna area, some parts were stolen by unknown people from the ERS (Emergency Restoration System) tower of location number 85-86 of Satna - Devendra Nagar - Panna transmission line, due to which this tower located near village Bhad under Nagaud tehsil of Satna district got damaged. Due to damage to this tower at 8:45 am the supply of 132 KV substation Panna was disrupted. From this substation, electricity is supplied to Pawai, Majhgawan, Ajaygarh, Brijpur and Devendra Nagar areas of Panna district.

Meanwhile, The brave personnel of MP Transco's, Transmission Line Maintenance (TLM) team braved the scorching heat of the afternoon (in which the temperature of the iron angle and parts of the tower exceeds about 50 degrees Celsius and carrying out repair work in these conditions is extremely difficult and challenging). Working continuously, MP Transco’s were succeeded in restarting this important line by completing the repair work on the damaged tower at around 8:45 in the night.

Notably, just a few days ago, angle parts etc. were stolen from transmission line towers in Rewa-Amarpatan area, due to which the entire Vindhya region was badly affected due to power disruption.

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