Everyone contributed in Ram Mandir construction: Congress

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Everyone contributed in Ram Mandir construction: Congress

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

Indian National Congress Spokesperson and Star Campaigner, Sadhvi Sadhna Bharti said that Lord Ram resides in every particle. “There is no one in this entire universe who can bring Lord Ram. There is a strange situation in the country. People are roaming around with contracts to bring Lord Ram to themselves. Everyone has contributed to the Ram Mandir movement, including tribals, Dalits and backward people,” she added.


Bharti said this during a press meet held at the party headquarter in the State Capital on Tuesday.


Bharti said that after all, why were the leading leaders of the Ram Mandir movement, Uma Bharti, Vinay Katiyar, Advani and even India’s tribal woman President kept away. “Why would we go to the temple program on his invitation, or would we go to get photographs taken with him? The job of these people is to chant Ram-Ram and take someone else's property as their own. These people did the work of donating donations and doing business in 10 years,” she added.


The party Spokesperson also said, “Do we need anyone's certificate to be Hindu and Ram devotee? Ram temple has been built, we can go anytime. Our leader MLA also went. Ram temple is not owned by anyone. As soon as elections come, all arrangements are made in BJP to make religion a business. To lick the scratches of power, many mongooses in BJP also have relations with snakes. BJP is not Ramwadi, but Ravanwadi. Not Krishnawadi, it is Kanswadi. Sanjay Nishad, who was involved in BJP's thugbandhan, had said that Lord Ram is not the son of Dashrath, Sanjay-Nishad expressed doubt on the existence of Mata Kaushalya, yet BJP made Sanjay Nishad a member of the Yogi cabinet. Till date Sanjay Nishad has not been removed from the post of minister. BJP leader Naresh Aggarwal compared Lord Ram with rum and Mother Sita with liquor in Rajya Sabha. Still BJP sent Naresh Aggarwal to Rajya Sabha. His son was included in the Yogi cabinet.”


Bharti said that BJP is neither Ramist, nor Krishnaist, nor religious. “BJP is only a note seeker. There is only one work of BJP, give donations and take business, chant Ram-Ram, someone else's property is yours. Therefore, BJP people, run away now, otherwise the public will beat you,” she added.


Rakesh Sinha, Kamal Thakur, Abha Sinha, Neetu Devi, AAP's Saurabh Srivastava and others were present on this occasion.

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