Firearm factory unearthed in Khargone distict

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Firearm factory unearthed in Khargone distict

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Bhikangaon police of Khargone nabbed accused involved in manufacturing and selling firearms, massive haul of illegal weapons worth Rs 4.6 lakh were recovered in the action.

On May 27, 2024, information was received from an informer at Bhikangaon police station Bamnala that illegal arms buying and selling was going to take place near Selda bridge Bamnala.

Taking immediate action on the information a team was formed and the police team kept an eye on the people coming and going by hiding behind the bushes near Selda bridge Bamnala.

After some time, a suspicious person was nabbed identified as  Dilip Sinsodia(26) of village Anjangaon and when the police team frisked him, two pistols were found missing from his waist. When Dilip was asked about the license or document regarding keeping the pistol, he said that he did not have any license or document.

When the police team interrogated Dilip regarding the pistol, Dilip told that the said illegal pistol was purchased from Takdeer alias Katta Siklikar of village Signur, who is currently preparing illegal pistols behind his house.

Acting immediately on this information, the police team was sent to raid behind the house of Takdeer alias Katta Siklikar on Dilip's behest. The police team surrounded and raided the house of Takdeer alias Katta Siklikar, in which Takdeer alias Katta Siklikar was found making illegal pistols behind his house.

A search was conducted in the surrounding area by the police team, in which the police team found material for making illegal weapons from Takdeer alias Katta Siklikar, such as pliers, grinder machines, hammers, pipes, thin frames of semi-finished pistols and other iron items kept with him.

A white colored bag contained a total of 17 pistols worth approximately Rs 3,40,000, one semi-finished pistol worth approximately Rs 10,000 and another white colored bag containing a total of five illegal 12 bore country-made pistols worth Rs 50,000. A total of 23 illegal firearms worth approximately Rs 4 lakh, two illegal pistols worth approximately Rs 40,000 and material for making illegal pistols worth approximately Rs 20,000, a total of Rs 4,60,000 were duly seized from Dilip.

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