Govt will work in path shown by former CM Hemant, says Champai

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Govt will work in path shown by former CM Hemant, says Champai

Monday, 26 February 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

From this land of heroes and Ulgulan, I assure you that we will create the Jharkhand of the dreams of our martyrs and agitators. We will improve this state in such a way that there will be no discrimination or injustice to anyone here. Everyone will get their rights with full respect. Chief Minister Champai Soren said these while addressing the acceptance letter distribution ceremony under the Abua Awas Yojana organized at Bhognadih, Barhet in Sahibganj district on Sunday. He said that government will take care of our heroes. We have never forgotten martyrdom and will never forget it. Their sacrifice will not go in vain. Jharkhand will be rebuilt in such a way where every person will have a chance to move forward.

The Chief Minister said that after creation of separate state, Jharkhand did not get the rights and facilities it should have for 19 years. There has always been discrimination against this state. In 2019, when the government was formed under the leadership of Hemant Babu, we continued raising our voice for our rights. But, it did not yield any meaningful result. In such a situation, Hemant ji started the work of giving a new direction to the state with his able leadership. During this period, we also had to face a global pandemic like Corona. But, Hemant Babu worked to save lives and livelihood through better management. When there was relief from this global pandemic, they started accelerating development. Many welfare schemes were started to bring change in the society. Today, we are following the path of our former Chief Minister and working to change the fate and picture of Jharkhand as per his thinking.

 The Chief Minister said that a strong society and a strong state will be formed only when people of every class and section get an opportunity to move forward. Our government is working with this thinking. Today the government is reaching the last person of the society. From DC-SP to BDO-CO, they are reaching your doorstep, listening to your problems with full sensitivity and solving them. You are being connected with the schemes as per your need on the spot. This trend will continue until every person in the society becomes empowered.

The Chief Minister said that according to the economic-social-geographical environment of Jharkhand, we are making plans and working on implementing them on the ground. We are strengthening all those systems like our economic, social, educational and health, due to which the tribals, indigenous people, Dalits, backward, poor and needy can progress. The government is committed to empowering every class and section.

The Chief Minister said that the state government, on its own, has decided to provide three-room permanent houses to 20 lakh poor and needy people. Under Abua Awas Yojana, permanent houses will be provided to everyone by 2027. It has already started. In the first phase, 2 lakh beneficiaries have been given housing approval letters and the first installment amount and after 3 months, 9 lakh beneficiaries will be given housing approval letters simultaneously.

The Chief Minister said that the house where the lamp of education burns will never remain in darkness. A better society and state cannot be imagined without education. In such a situation, our government has taken many steps to provide better education to the children of the state. Now children will not miss their education due to lack of money. Free coaching facility is being provided by the government for the preparation of competitive exams. Schools of Excellence have been opened to provide quality education to poor children on the lines of private schools. The amount of scholarship has been increased three times. So far 9 lakh girl students have benefited from Savitribai Phule Kishori Samriddhi Yojana. Today, with the support of the state government, tribal, Dalit, backward and minority children are getting higher education abroad.

The Chief Minister said that our government is going to provide up to 125 units of free electricity to the people of the state. About 30 lakh electricity consumers of this state will benefit. Earlier, 100 units of free electricity was being given but keeping in mind the needs of the people here, it was decided to increase it.

The Chief Minister said that whatever schemes and policies the government has, positive changes are being seen. Today no elderly, disabled or widow is deprived of pension. The connectivity between cities and villages is being strengthened through the Mukhyamantri Gram Gaadi Yojana. Through Phulo-Jhano Ashirwad Yojana, women are being linked with respectable livelihood. Giving free grains to 20 lakh green ration card holders. The work of building 15 thousand kilometers of rural roads is going on at a fast pace. We are moving towards providing water to every farm through underground pipelines. The government has taken many steps towards providing employment to the youth. Apart from this, there are many such schemes, by joining which people are getting benefited.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister provided approval letters for housing to 24 thousand 5 hundred 32 families of Sahebganj, Pakur and Godda districts. In which there are 7911 beneficiaries from Sahebganj, 6649 from Pakur and 9972 from Godda district. The money will be deposited into the bank accounts of all of them through DBT.

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