Haryana supplying Delhi its full share of water, says Minister

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Haryana supplying Delhi its full share of water, says Minister

Friday, 21 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Haryana's Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Dr Abhay Singh Yadav on Thursday has rejected the allegations of the AAP led Delhi Government and clarified that Haryana is giving Delhi its full share of water amid Delhi grappling with water scarcity.

He blamed the water shortage in Delhi on the city’s internal poor management. “Haryana does not do politics on water because we consider water as a necessity. It is everyone's responsibility to provide water to the national capital and we are not lacking in providing water to Delhi. He said that Haryana is giving 1050 cusecs of water more than the stipulated 719 cusecs,” he stated.

In the press conference at Haryana Bhawan, the Minister said that the Delhi government is doing political drama regarding water. “There has been repeated verification from time to time by different agencies. The data given by Haryana has been found to be correct. Not a single agency can say that Haryana has given less water, “ he said and accused the AAP of not correcting its mismanagement and repeatedly blaming Haryana.

He informed that while replying to the petition filed by Delhi before the Supreme Court on June 13, the Haryana government has submitted the data of water supplied at Delhi Contact Point, Bawana for the period from May 23 to June 12. “In which it was told that Haryana is continuously releasing 1050 cusecs of water for Delhi at Munak Head and more than 924 cusecs of water fixed by Upper Yamuna River Board is being given at Delhi Contact Point Bawana Point,” Singh asserted.

While the Delhi government admits in official meetings that they are getting full supply of water, it presents misleading and imaginary figures in the media on political platforms, he claimed. “Delhi Government has been continuously making baseless allegations about getting less water from Haryana for the last several years and Haryana has proved every time that the allegations made by Delhi were not based on facts,” the minister claimed, adding that Haryana is giving 1050 cusecs of water more than the prescribed 719 cusecs

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