IGRMS organises traditional making of Baiga tribe’s drink

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IGRMS organises traditional making of Baiga tribe’s drink

Saturday, 02 March 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS) organized the traditional technique of making drink of Baiga tribes from village Dhurkura in Dindori district Madhya Pradesh making Ponga Turri and Pana drink Techniques related exhibits have been installed at open air Exhibition traditional technology park of the museum

About this exhibit professor Amithabh pande Director IGRMS said that –Through these we want to introduce the audience to the intellectual and creative skills of simple societies and underline the fact that traditional technology has played an important role in contemporary splendor The Baigas the primitive tribe of Madhya Pradesh depend on nature's resources for their daily needs Many methods of preparing local beverages by evaporation for community and personal use are prevalent among the Baigas which was demonstrated today in the Traditional Technology park open air  Exhibition.

In this regard Dr. Pritam Chaudhary  Museum Associate told that the extract is made by evaporating Mahua fruit by Ponga Turri and Pana methods After evaporation in the Ponga the purified liquid substance is collected in another vessel through a bamboo tube Similarly the liquid purified from Turri and Pana is produced at home level for personal or family use The effect of the liquid purified by the above three different methods is also different and accordingly they are used as local medicines.

While giving information Dairam Rathudiya, representative artist of Baiga tribe said that when the Mahua fruit is completely ripe and falls from the tree after that this fruit is dried completely After this all the fruits are mixed with water in an earthen pot and kept soaked for a few days After that the vessel is heated on fire and the steam that comes out when heated is collected in another vessel through a pipe When the steam cools down what is obtained in liquid form is the extract of Mahua.

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