Kalpana Soren seeks votes for Pradeep Yadav in Godda

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Kalpana Soren seeks votes for Pradeep Yadav in Godda

Monday, 27 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

Former chief minister Hemant Soren wife and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) star campaigner Kalpana Soren on Sunday addressed a public meeting in Godda in support of India Alliance candidate Pradeep Yadav.

Kalpana Soren addressing the crowd fiercely targeted the BJP lead NDA, claiming that if anyone rules Jharkhand, it will be the Jharkhandis here. If elections are held here, it will be on the issues of this place.

We got the 27 percent reservation for the backward classes passed in the assembly. Why did we get it passed? We got it passed so that the backward people can become strong. This is there in other states but the BJP people do not want to implement it in Jharkhand. We got it passed in the assembly but it stops at the Raj Bhavan. On whose orders is the Raj Bhavan working? Today, there is no talk on Jharkhand issues. There is no talk on our existence, our honour. When the election is going on today, these people try to deceive you by making sweet promises. You people should be alert because this election is not BJP vs India Alliance but this election is BJP vs distressed public.

Kalpana Soren said that you will have to ensure victory for the candidates of our India Alliance who are standing for you. You see, you get your house painted, how long does the paint last? Pointing towards Nishikant Dubey, Kalpana said that you people have given 15 years to a person and given him a chance. Now the time has come that you should choose whether you want to support the dictatorial forces or those who always raise their voice for you.

Regarding Pradeep Yadav, Kalpana said that he is a clean person. Whose strong voice reverberates in the Vidhan Sabha. Now his voice will reverberate in the Parliament only with your blessings. He is your son. He is concerned about you. In the coming time, when the voting will take place, on that day, if you do not press the button of India Alliance, then your already troubled life will become even worse. Kalpana Soren said that the people have assured us from the 3 phases that have been held in Jharkhand that the India Alliance government is being formed in Jharkhand.

All the candidates of India Alliance are winning. In the 3 Lok Sabha constituencies where elections are to be held in the future, you have to strengthen the candidate of India Alliance there too because we are coming to Delhi. Now no power can stop the India alliance from reaching Delhi because the throne of Delhi is going to be shaken. You people raise this slogan that the lock of the jail will be broken and Hemant Soren will be released. I want to ask you where is the key to the lock. Who has the key to the lock? That key is with you, only your vote will get Hemant ji out of jail.

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