Kejriwal’s application to SC to extend interim bail melodrama, claims BJP

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Kejriwal’s application to SC to extend interim bail melodrama, claims BJP

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva on Monday hit out at the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, terming his application to extend interim bail by seven days to the Supreme Court, citing his deteriorating health as a reason, as a ‘melodrama’.

He said that the reason cited by AAP supremo as ‘excuse’ to extend his interim bail. “During the entire election campaign, Arvind Kejriwal remained perfectly healthy, but when it’s time to go to jail, his health has started deteriorating. Kejriwal only runs a shop of excuses and lies, so now he is creating new excuses to extend his interim bail,” he claimed.

Questioning the AAP convenor, Sachdeva said, “If he was so concerned about his health, then why did he campaign in Delhi for the INDIA alliance or Aam Aadmi Party candidates and why did he go to Punjab for a 3-day election campaign. Kejriwal’s health was fine for election campaigning in Delhi, but when it’s time to go to jail, his health has deteriorated.”

He also said that after campaigning in Delhi, Kejriwal has now gone Punjab and took a jibe at him by saying that he can play any trick there and may also be admitted to any hospital in Punjab.

“In the coming two-three days, it is possible that Kejriwal may fall while speaking on a stage or in a roadshow vehicle in Punjab, and we will be told that his sugar has dropped a lot or his ketones have worsened. The people of the country have now understood Kejriwal’s trickery very well, and the people will vote for the development of Punjab as well,” he alleged.He said that when Kejriwal applied for extending his interim bail in the Supreme Court, he got a medical certificate from a private hospital, not from any government hospital of Delhi. “Kejriwal, who claims his government’s healthcare system to be world-class, has never visited any government hospital in Delhi when he felt unwell, the public is now seeing all this. No matter how many excuses Kejriwal makes to extend interim bail, he will have to go to jail. He said that those who have been looting Delhi’s treasury and Delhiites will not be spared now,” he said.

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