Legal awareness campaign for drug eradication

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Legal awareness campaign for drug eradication

Monday, 27 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

On the directions of the Hon'ble Justice Commissioner, Ranchi, a legal awareness campaign was conducted for drug eradication at Bal Sampreshan Grah Dumardaga with the joint efforts of District Legal Services Authority, Ranchi and District Administration on Sunday. About 104 adolescents participated in the program. By presenting a street play among the adolescents, the message was given that drug addiction is such an evil that destroys our entire life. A person suffering from drug addiction becomes a burden not only on family but as well as to the society.

Additional Principal Judge Family Court Ranchi Rajesh Kumar Singh was present as the chief guest in the program. He told the children about the ill effects of drug addiction and also gave information regarding the law made for those who do drug business.

Dr. Siddheshwar Bakshi said that if the medicine is used for treatment, then it is lifesaving, but when people use the same medicine for drug addiction, they end their lives. Due to excessive consumption of drugs, the brain becomes dry and the ability to think and understand ends and the person completely comes under the grip of drugs.

Life Savers NGO chief. Atul Gera said that drugs are the door to destruction. Drug addiction first of all distances a person from his family. Also, due to his bad habit, the victim goes through a period of financial crisis, due to which negative feelings arise in him and with time his close friends also leave him. Giving an example, he said that I had a friend who was addicted to some drugs. I tried a lot to make him understand but he did not understand and one day I left him.

District Social Welfare Officer Surabhi Singh told the children that after coming out of here, you should never consume drugs and also educate people in the society to stay away from drugs.

District Child Protection Officer, Ved Prakash, said that for those who have become addicted to drugs and are trying to quit, the government has established a de-addiction centre, where treatment is done under the supervision of good doctors.

Mediator and social worker, Panchanan Singh said that the best way to stay away from drugs is to meditate, so that you will never have any wrong thoughts in your mind and you will never go in the wrong direction. Therefore, do yoga and meditation daily. And make all the people present take an oath not to take drugs. The stage was being conducted by Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Ranchi, Kamlesh Behera. In the end, the vote of thanks was given by member JJB, Vinita Jaipuriar.

In today's program, District Social Welfare Officer, Smt. Surabhi Singh, District Child Protection Officer, Shri Ved Prakash, Child Welfare Committee members, Shri Priyaranjan Kumar, Anshumala Karna, PLB Baby Sinha, Vicky Kumar Chaudhary, and employees of Juvenile Justice Board, etc. were present.

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