Motivate voters for ethical voting: Chief Electoral Officer

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Motivate voters for ethical voting: Chief Electoral Officer

Monday, 15 April 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

A voter Sunita Devi says, “In this election, do not fall into any temptation and choose the right candidate as per your understanding. Do not exercise your right to vote under the influence of money, liquor or any other kind of allurement or seduction, but exercise your vote thoughtfully.” The lady is a member of Booth Level Awareness Group of the polling center located at Stated Middle School of Sisai, Lavagaini, Chegri. Today Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar came to inspect this polling booth. He wanted to know what information Sunita was giving to the people about ethical voting.

The CEO said that it is going to be very hot during the Lok Sabha elections. In view of this, minimum facilities like drinking water, toilet, running water, electricity, shed will be available for voters and polling personnel at all polling stations as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India. Also, volunteers have been appointed at all polling stations to assist senior and disabled voters. He said that booth level awareness group has also been formed to promote ethical voting. Today they were present at polling booth no. 20 and 21 located at Upgraded Middle School, Bhusari, Sisai, polling booth number 22 and 23 located at Statedized Middle School, Lavagnai Chegri, polling booth number 109 located at Community Hall Borang, Bishunpur and polling booth at Government Middle School, Katia, Bishunpur. During the inspection of number 108, Booth Awareness Group was meeting volunteers and BLOs and sensitizing them by making them aware of their election related responsibilities.

Borang village head Dileshar Oraon said that earlier the people here used to go to the polling station located in Banalat to exercise their franchise due to which old people were deprived of exercising their franchise. This time, with the construction of a polling station in our village, we all will be able to exercise our franchise. Kumar during the inspection of polling station number 109 located at Borang community hall of Gumla Bishunpur. It is known that in the earlier elections, due to it being a Naxal affected and remote area, voters from nearby 8 polling stations used to go to Banalat to exercise their franchise.

During the inspection of polling station 108, information was received about 87 year old disabled Bhukhali Devi, for whose voting the Chief Electoral Officer directed the concerned officials to conduct home voting.

The Chief Electoral Officer asked BLO Okila Devi of polling station number 22 about the timing of voting, then she told that this time voting will be from 7 am to 5 pm. Earlier it used to end at 3 o'clock only. This time we will conduct voting till 5 o'clock and we will also conduct voting for those who stand in the queue till 5 o'clock.

On this occasion, the CEO sought information from the BLOs about the voters from the voter list of the respective polling stations. All the BLOs gave proper information about the voters of the area to the Chief Electoral Officer. He became aware of the information of BLO on various topics related to voting day, when Form 6 can be filled, the process of adding new daughters-in-law to the voter list, EVM/VVPAT etc. On this occasion, the Chief Electoral Officer was completely satisfied with the answers given by the BLO. On this occasion, he also spoke to the volunteers appointed on the day of voting and directed them to be alert about their work with full sensitivity.

During the inspection, District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner Gumla Karna Satyarthi, Deputy Election Officer Gumla along with officials and personnel related to the elections of Gumla district were present.

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