Nilgai found dead in heatwave in Palamu

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Nilgai found dead in heatwave in Palamu

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 | PNS | DALTONGANJ

Death of the animal in this heatwave is unstoppable in the Palamu region. More than 100 fruit bats died in Garhwa. 32 monkeys were found drowned in a well in Palamu. 


And now a nilgai was found dead. Its death is without any mark of the external injury and that makes its death more enigmatic. 


Kumar Ashish, IFS, incharge DFO Medininagar said there is no denying the fact that animals are straying from habitat for water which is very scarce for them in this cruel summer. 


"Who knows the luckless bluebull was thirsty for hours and hours or for days ?" quipped Ashish. 


The latest death of a nilgai has come as a shocker.It was found dead in a field of a farmer at village Teytarya under the Lesliganj block on Sunday. 


Incharge ranger Umesh Kumar Dubey has confirmed the death of the nilgai saying this incident took place on Sunday. 


Dr Dilip Kr Mahato block animal husbandry officer and Dr Sandeep Upadhyaya touring veterinary officer conducted the post mortem of the nilgai. 


Dr Mahato said the nilgai looked to have died a sudden death. 


There are many reasons behind sudden death. First is cardiac seizure. As it's a horrible heatwave sweeping Palamu, death by heatwave can't be ruled out said Dr Mahato. 


The nilgai was buried in situ position. A JCB machine dug up the grave of the nilgai. 


Viscera of its lungs, heart, kidney, spleen and liver has been preserved for forensic test in Ranchi. 


Incharge ranger Umesh Kumar Dubey said we have sent the viscera of the nilgai to the forensic lab for the animals in Ranchi.

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