Oppn desires to reverse Ram temple’s progress: Modi

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Oppn desires to reverse Ram temple’s progress: Modi

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | PNS | Lucknow

At a rally in Basti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fierce attack on his political rivals Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi, accusing them of making false claims about winning 79 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh.

“Both these princes are indulging in wishful thinking about victory. On June 4, reality will dawn upon them,” Modi declared.

He also criticised the opposition’s stance on the Ram temple, alleging that they had the desire to reverse the temple’s progress.

“These princes of Congress (and Samajwadi Party) aim to reverse the decision on the Ram mandir. They envision putting the Babri lock on the temple and relocating Ram Lalla,” he remarked, urging voters to reject such propositions decisively.

Modi further accused Congress and Samajwadi Party of being “sympathisers of Pakistan” and instilling fear about its nuclear power.

“They say we need to be scared of Pakistan because it has an atom bomb. Don’t they know what a 56-inch chest means? This is not the weak Congress government, but the strong government of Modi,” he said and added, “India does not spare those who try to bully it.”

Beginning his speech with the traditional greeting, Ram-Ram to all brothers and sisters,” the prime minister connected directly with the people.

Reflecting on the ongoing elections, Modi emphasised the government’s reaffirmation through five phases of voting, highlighting the opposition’s inconsistency and forgetfulness.

Modi urged voters to consider the significance of their vote. “A vote for Congress holds no meaning. No voter wishes to see their vote go to waste. Your vote should go towards forming the desired government,” he stated.

Highlighting the moral duty of voting, Modi emphasised its role in fostering national development and self-reliance. He nostalgically recalled January 22, 2024, in Ayodhya, emphasising the nation’s roots in Ram, development in heritage, and modernity in spirituality.

Asserting India’s enhanced global stature, Modi criticised family-based parties for their appeasement politics and questioned Congress’ commitment to constitutional principles.

In a direct appeal to the audience, Modi promised the construction of three crore permanent houses for those living in dilapidated conditions.

“Raise your hands and affirm your support. Every such family will receive a permanent house under the Modi government,” he pledged, stressing the transformative potential of their vote.

The rally concluded with Modi underlining the critical importance of high voter turnout to ensure the continuation of development projects and the establishment of a robust government.


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