Pb CM campaigns in Amritsar, Jalandhar and Tarn Taran

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Pb CM campaigns in Amritsar, Jalandhar and Tarn Taran

Saturday, 27 April 2024 | PNS | Chandigarh/Amritsar/Tarn Taran/Jalandhar

Embarking on a day filled with spiritual reverence and vibrant campaigning, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, accompanied by his family and his newborn daughter Niyamat Kaur Mann, commenced his Friday morning by paying homage at the Golden Temple, Durgiana Mandir, Sri Valmiki Teerath S'than, and Sri Ram Teerath Mandir in Amritsar. Following this spiritually enriching start, Mann transitioned seamlessly into an impressive campaign trail for AAP’s Khadoor Sahib candidate Laljit Singh Bhullar in Patti and Jalandhar candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu in Jalandhar.


Mann’s vibrant campaigning, road shows, and public speeches, garnered attention and support as he addressed the electorate in Patti and Jalandhar, emphasizing the AAP's vision and agenda for the upcoming elections. While the primary purpose of Mann's visit to Amritsar was to lead the AAP's election campaign, his morning visit to the city's sacred sites underscored the significance of spirituality and unity in his personal and political endeavors.


“We are commoners like you…we understand your pain well”

Jalandhar: Mann, campaigning for AAP candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu in Jalandhar led a road show in various areas of Jalandhar city and appealed to the people to make him win by a huge margin.


Addressing the people during the road show, Mann made a scathing attack on MP Sushil Rinku who left AAP and joined the BJP. “AAP made him an MP and gave him national recognition, but due to greed and selfishness, he betrayed the party and the people of Jalandhar,” said Mann, appealing to the people of Jalandhar to teach a lesson to those who betrayed Punjab and make sure that he even loses his security deposit.


He said that the AAP is a party of common people. “This party gives people from common households a chance to become MPs, MLAs, ministers and the Chief Minister. We are also common people like you. We understand your pain and suffering very well. So make Aam Aadmi Party candidates win. They will become your voice in Parliament and fight for your rights,” he said.


On Tinu, Mann said that he did not leave Akali Dal, rather Akali Dal has left him, because when it comes to work, the party used him and when it comes to giving the fruits of hard work, their own uncle, nephew, brother-in-law etc used to eat it. “Tinu also came to politics from an ordinary household and made his identity. Make him win with a huge margin, he will raise the voice of the common people of Jalandhar in the Parliament,” he said.


“Wealthy dynast politicians think your votes are for sale”

Tarn Taran: Earlier, Mann, campaigning for Khadoor Sahib candidate Laljit Singh Bhullar in Patti, lambasted all opposition leaders from Narendra Modi to Badal, from Captain to Jakhar.


Addressing a huge public gathering in Patti, Mann said that for the very first time, the people of Punjab have their own government in the state. Earlier, there was only 'raje and rajwade', in direct reference to Capt Amarinder Singh as Raja and the Badals as Rajwade. “They looted Punjab, amassed wealth and property and now they call the common people 'malang' and 'material'. They built their dynasties while looting Punjab and its people, that is why the people of Punjab have thrown them out of power, now they are begging people for a chance,” he said.


He said that in 2024, Punjab will become a hero, will set an example because all 13 candidates of the AAP will win and represent the state in the Parliament. “Traditional parties ruined our childhood, they ruined our youth and they ruined the lives of elderly people. They are even ready to ruin the future of our children and our next generations. But we are going to vote against them. The times have changed. There was a time when they used to come to you with folded hands at the time of election and then abandon you for five years to live their luxurious lives. But now the change is here, new kind of politics is here,” he said.


Mann added that they think that your votes “are for sale, that they will come to you at the last moment, will offer you a couple of thousands for your vote and win. But we have to get united against them. We have to defeat them and their low thinking”.


Mann prayed for Punjab’s peace and prosperity; refused to make any political comments

Amritsar: Mann, visiting the religious places of the holy city Amritsar, said that he was blessed with 'Waheguru di Niyamat' last month referring to his newborn daughter, so he is here with his family today to thank God for all his blessings. At the same time, Mann refused to comment on any political matter saying that he was only here to pray for peace and prosperity of Punjab.


He said that he also prayed for the strength to live up to his responsibilities and keep working for 'Rangla Punjab'. “It is our fortune that the people of all religions and backgrounds live peacefully in Punjab. We celebrate Gurpurabs, Eids and Navamis together. I prayed for forever communal harmony and unity among Punjabis and their success,” he said.

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