Police uncover Naxal hideout, seize arms and ammunition in West Singhbhum

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Police uncover Naxal hideout, seize arms and ammunition in West Singhbhum

Tuesday, 11 June 2024 | PNS | Jamshedpur

In a continued drive to eliminate Naxalite presence in the West Singhbhum district, police personnel have been relentlessly running campaigns with significant success. In the latest sequence of these operations, a major action was undertaken in the villages of Regadahatu and Tumbahaka within the Tonto police station area. Security forces successfully recovered a large cache of weapons, cartridges, and other materials from a Naxal hideout in the hilly area of Sekarpi.

Providing details of the operation, West Singhbhum Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Shekhar disclosed that top leaders of the banned CPI Maoist Naxalite organization, including Misir Besra, Anmol, Mochu, Chaman, Kande, Ajay Mahato, Sagen Angaria, and Ashwin, along with their squad members, are actively moving in the Kolhan area for subversive activities. In response, Chaibasa Police, in collaboration with Cobra 209, teams from the 203 and 205 battalions, Jharkhand Jaguar, and several CRPF battalions, have formed a joint task force and are continuously conducting operations.

Starting from October 10, 2023, a comprehensive joint operation has been underway in the border areas of villages Kuida, Chhota Kuida, Maradiri, Meralgada, Hathiburu, Tilaybeda, Boypaisang, Katamba, Bayahatu, Boroy, and Lemsadih under Goilkera police station, as well as the border areas of villages Husipi, Rajabasa, Tumbahaka, Regada, Patatorb, Goburu, and Luiya under Tonto police station. Based on reliable intelligence, a specific operation team was assembled on Sunday, leading to significant discoveries.

During the operation, teams from Chaibasa Police, Jharkhand Jaguar, and CRPF's 174 and 197 Battalions uncovered a substantial Naxal dump in the Sekarpi forested hills near Regadahatu and Tumbahaka. The cache included: - 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG) - 01- 7.62 mm LMG butt and barrel - 01- 303 bore rifle - 01- 7.62 mm Self-Loading Rifle (SLR) - 01- 2-inch mortar - 01- Revolver - 01- 0.22 bore Desi rifles - 04- Volt action barrel cocking handle - 01- Desi rifle - 01- Desi double barrel rifle - 01- 303 bore rifle butt - 01- 9 mm pistol - 01- Various live cartridges - 435- Desi pistol magazine - 02- Magazine pouch - 01- Mobile phones - 09- Naxal literature - 05- Various daily use items

The Superintendent of Police emphasized that the anti-Naxal operations are ongoing in the area, accompanied by necessary legal actions. The discovery of such a significant arsenal is a testament to the effectiveness of the coordinated efforts by multiple security forces, including Chaibasa Police, Cobra units, Jharkhand Jaguar, and the CRPF.

This campaign underscores the commitment and relentless drive of the security forces to restore peace and security in the region by dismantling Naxalite networks and ensuring the safety of the local populace. The success of these operations not only disrupts Naxalite activities but also sends a strong message about the resolute efforts of the law enforcement agencies in West Singhbhum.

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